Review: Arrow – Season 3


The third season of Arrow was probably the best season it has produced thus far. If the show were to go off the air tomorrow, it would be a beautiful 3 year story that has been told. We know that isn’t going to happen but let us talk about this fantastic show.

For starters, I will discuss a few flaws in the show. Returning yet again are the unnecessary cutaways to tell an often pointless story, such as 3 minutes of torturing a guy for information that proves to be useless. That’s just cheap, I feel like. It’s not a major complaint but it happens a few times.

Also, returning, is the cheap shit tactic where it looks like someone is dead or everyone is dead and the next episode is like BAM they’re all safe and always were, it is cool. That was the finales opening moment, actually.

That is my beef. Now, my…poultry? The good stuff, I mean.

This season actually ties in with The Flash, Season 1 and it ties in brilliantly. Barry Allen lives about 50 miles down the road and of course, is the Flash, who ends up being mentored, assisted and sometimes even battled by Oliver Queen. This season gave us several amazing moments.

Warning: Spoilers Ahead. Don’t Read This Unless You’ve Watched The Season or Just Want It Ruined.

Barry and Oliver had an epic two-night “battle” which I think we will probably see more of down the road. I enjoyed that and enjoyed the soundtrack too!

The 23rd episode of Flash (second to the last of the season) that includes the huge battle with Harrison Wells/Reverse Flash was amazing because right then, Arrow showed up – but in his League gear. He tells Barry he will need his help with something which introduces us to Barry’s involvement in the opening moments of Arrow’s finale. They tie in like that. It is pretty bad ass.

You have to watch each show sequentially, as they air, to get the maximum effect. Also, CW or whoever is making this, stop ruining guest surprise appearances by putting their names in the opening credits. That pissed me off once.

The shows story this year is that Oliver Queen has attracted the attention of Ra’s A Ghul, thanks to Malcolm Merlyn. Queen battles Ras, loses, almost dies but somehow survives. This makes Ras think that Oliver is to take over for him. He outs the Arrow’s identity and almost kills Thea Queen. Roy says fuck this and leaves mid season, it gets so bad. Then, after we are totally convinced that Oliver has turned evil, he waits until he is…on a plane? It really was a weak moment in the story. Oliver fails and Ras almost destroys the city but he manages to save the day with a little help from his friends.

So Oliver and Felicity take off to 69 somewhere on a desert island, Malcolm takes over the League of Assassins – as the new Ra’s A Ghul, Thea is the Red Arrow (giving her the freedom to fight crime during her period) and David Palmer or Ray Palmer or whoever got blown up at the end of the show. Assumingly, he is about to get his transform into a midget abilities.

It was a pretty strong season. From me, I would say it gets a 7 or 8 out of 10. The Flash would get a definite 8. Slightly better in the same year’s seasons.

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