The first season of Gotham sucked.


First season of Gotham sucked. I can’t believe the show is still on. I just watch it to see how bad it can be. It is like driving by a car wreck and having to look out of interest.

Ok, I reviewed a few episodes specifically. The first episode, and episodes 2-5. They all sucked.

The whole Fish Mooney sub story on the island was dreadful.

Barbara Gordon is a whore for anything that moves.

Gordon is dull. And you expect me to believe he was on a first name basis with Catwoman/Selina Kyle?

Penguin is good. He might be the best part of the show besides the day I get to read it got canceled.

They basically introduced every single character.

Catwoman, Poison Ivy, Batman, Alfred, Joker, Riddler, Bullock, Maroney, Mooney, Falcone, Robin and probably 75 more are all introduced in the first season. Actually, most in the first EPISODE. Way too much.

Characters not yet introduced:



None of the actors will get jobs once this gravy train is over. The little girl has a job because she looks like Michelle Pfieffer. To a creepy extent. The guy that played Maroney sucked and needs braces. I liked the guy that played Falcone.

I hate Gordon. The guy that plays him is as dull as anyone ever has been. Episodes just aren’t exiting. Fish Mooney is the least interesting person. I call her Fish Pussy.

The show is hideous. It would be off the air if it weren’t Batman and it will be soon anyway. If anyone says this show is even on par with Arrow or Flash, kill them

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