David Koresh was a lying fuck; The Branch Davidians were dumb fucks.

The Davidians sat themselves on fire and executed themselves and little children. Why? Because they believed a dumbass was Jesus.

The Branch Davidians at Waco were all fucking retarded. They were dumb fucks. Brainwashed. And David Koresh was probably a con-artist who knew the Bible was a bunch of charlatans taking advantage of fools’ gullibility.

Or he was just completely batshit insane and thought his imagination was a real voice.

The whole bunch of morons believed and obsessed over Revelation. They fulfilled prophecy by acting like idiots and breaking the law – then disregarding their actions that brought the ATF and FBI into their shit. What do you expect when you’re stockpiling weapons?

The fools sat themselves on fire and killed themselves after 51 days of showing their asses. They totally ignored the part about obeying the government in the Bible.

Vernon Wayne Howell, or Koresh, fucked around for almost two months. The ATF was moving in to raid the compound and, knowing how they work, they probably started shooting first. It is disputed but cops always lie. “Mr. Retardo” as Koresh was called had a shitty mom who let men beat her kid. She should be charged with murder. Fucking bitch.

Think about it. Think about your lasting legacy on Earth. Now, these peoples? Following Mr. Retardo to suicide over fiction. The dude looked like he smelled like a cabbage fart anyway.


Wake up Americans. Anytime you hear someone telling you God talks to them, they’re a fucking LIAR.

And Christians – when your pastor or prophet tells you to sell everything and move into a compound, get the fuck out right then and there. That is bad. BAD.


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