GameStop sucks


GameStop sucks. I’m sick of this store and it’s fake ass employees. They’re so fucking phony. Oh you think they’re your friend? Tell them you’re not reserving anything or getting a membership. See how quickly they hate you. They’re after numbers.

Hitting us up for reserves and memberships. I’ve seen them hit little kids up for shit. I told the kid “I wouldn’t buy it.” I never get out of a GameStop without wanting to beat some ass.

Once, I dated a manager who worked at a GameStop. By dated of course, I mean she snuck over at night and gave me, to date, the best blowjobs I’ve ever had. It was like magical fairies tickling my cock head. But she was insane (Christian) and I left her. She owed me money, and I served her at work. Why? I hated GameStop and was hoping to disrupt their business.

If you must buy games, get them anywhere like online or Walmart. This store is a turd burger.

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