eBay fucking totally sucks balls. Yet another tech company that had a great idea early on, in the Internet’s growth, but has failed to seriously contend years later.

First of all, some fucking idiots redesigned the Website for no reason at all. It couldn’t be any more confusing with anymore links scattered ALL AROUND. Imagine a Galaxy. Each star is a link. That is the coherence of the link placement on eBay.

Also, the stupid fucks who redesigned it didn’t bother updating the Help Tools, so they will tell you to click options that aren’t there or click selections you can not click. Go to pages that don’t exist. Etc. etc… I mean, how was this not a mandatory change before the new design went live? Oh yeah, eBay is ran by morons and it is why their company sucks.

If you’re looking for some great glitches to fuck you up when trying to work, look no further than eBay.com! I was listing a Fixed Price Auction and selected PayPal as a payment option. I also selected “Buy It Now Must Be Checked Out Immediately” or whatever the fuck it said to do that. It glitched and said my email wasn’t recognized! Then I unselected that option, for some reason (secret brilliance), and it WORKED FINE.

This is how stupid the Website is.

Shitty glitches on vital parts of it because it is updated and operated by people who do not test their work constantly and regularly. I know most of these articles suck dick but I write them so I read them every time I put one up. Sometimes, I leave a typo in it but most of the time, I will correct my biggest mistakes. No one is flawless. Everyone makes mistakes. But people who are TOO FUCKING LAZY TO FIX THEIR SHIT are the problem.

“Well! We just finished programming that! Let’s not check it and go to a dork lunch.”

Their flash-headline banner on the front page sucks too and you can’t scroll to the left because the dipshits didn’t program it where it would stop advancing the slides when you manually were selecting. That is ALWAYS an option for those things so this was just a lazy ass oversight.


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