Review: Adam 12 – “Reed, the Dicks Have Their Job and We Have Ours.”


Adam 12 was a show back in Moses time when cops never did anything wrong and we’re always good guys who got the job done. Oh that’s just how they were portrayed. Each episode is a lot like the formula for Dragnet. No surprise, Jack Webb made this show too.

The episode I will sample today is “Reed, the Dicks Have Their Job and We Have Ours.”

They manage to say “One Adam 12” so much per episode, you could do a drinking game with it. “I’m generally very calm and collected” says the lady who is acting like she isn’t. It’s a call to a fucking cat under a house. I’d shoot the lady.

Some vagrant flags down the cops to narc on a fight. They’re sure to harass him about his past drug habit to embarrass him before leaving. They find a dead body. They basically do nothing until the dicks appear.

A woman is beat up by her wife. The cops ask her to not press charges if he promises. He’s a drunk. The officer doesn’t have time to listen to it and makes her forgive him.

So they chase some people down and the bad guys jump out. They plant drugs on them. The rookie who was mad he didn’t get to investigate the stabbing earlier gets all happy now that he saw a little action. They see the dicks and of course, the stabbing is working them a bunch.

This show sucked.

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