Marvel Daredevil on Netflix is fantastic.


Marvel Daredevil is a really good show. High quality, strong actors and good story. The opening, while a little similar to Hannibal, is also pretty fun. Is that candle wax? What is that?

It falls into the Avengers universe where the city was fucked totally by the Loki deal in the first movie. This season happens just after that. Fortunately, there isn’t a lot of supernatural stuff, at least early on in the show. You know, besides a blind guy kicking everyone’s ass. That is pretty supernatural since most blind people I know aren’t able to walk across the living room without falling over something. This guy is staying late at a law office doing paper work! Crazy.

Daredevil is a cool guy. Average dude with a disability who becomes awesome by never stopping and never giving up. He beats the fuck out of people. Once he grabs a guys jaw and yanks him to the ground slamming his face into pavement. I mean…damn! Think about the dental work that man needed. He probably had TMJ for the rest of his life too. I felt sorry for that man. He probably just got goaded into doing a job with one of his bad friends and the next thing he knew, lifetime of clicking in his mandibular.

The police are corrupt on this show. They nailed that.

This is a Nolan style take on the Daredevil, for fans of The Dark Knight. There’s one part where the hot dorky chick is talking to baseball guy and says “Hey lets close our eyes and feel each others faces.” When it was her turn to feel mine, she would have been like “Wow, that feels like a penis.”

It’s currently available on Netflix, which is like TV oxygen. We all need it at this point. Check it out, enjoy it and then finger yourself.

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