Review: Ghostbusters


Ghostbusters is simply a legendary movie. It is a 9.9/10 for me. Yeah, I don’t give it a perfect rating because I felt like they shit on Ernie Hudson in the movie and that always kind of bothered me. Still does. But the movie was magical.

Can you imagine how things might have been if John Belushi, who was originally going to be along with Dan Aykroyd in this, had not died? It may have been amazing, as well…but nothing could really get much better than what we had…that is, unless Winston had been Eddie Murphy, which I heard they had considered. That’s why they basically shit on the character, afterward.


Just look at the poster. All 4 of the…nope. Just the white ones. That sort of sucks but whatever.

The movie finds a magical success formula that can be enjoyed over and over again. Bill Murray, or Dr. Peter Venkman, is just a dickhead. He’s basically coasted by with the help of these other two smart guys and uses his scientific background to get pussy.

Now, the heart of the Ghostbusters is, of course, Ray Stantz. Dr. Stanz is far more enthusiastic about science than anyone on the team. He’s giddy with excitement about the things that are horrifying everyone else. It is perfect!

Then, the brainiac is on the team too. Egon Spengler. Dr. Spengler is a nerd to the core and completely anti-social. He is a data and science guy. Most definitely, the character, played by the late great Harold Ramis, was a fixture and a must-have in the Ghostbusting universe.

Finally, we get Winston Zeddemore. Winston was the everyday man who was like the viewer experiencing these things in the movie. It had potential to be a hilarious character, because it could really explore how an average dude with no extensive background in science might deal with all of this. I can really see Eddie Murphy in the 80s killing it.

Other characters include Dana Barrett, played by Sigourney Weaver. She was the first and most important customer of the Ghostbusters. A beautiful lady whose apartment is possessed by a demi-god and she gets possessed by demon dogs. It’s cool.

Then, she has a nerdy neighbor. Louis Tully. This was originally going to be played by John Candy but he didn’t like the role – and I’m glad frankly, because he fucking sucked. He wasn’t funny. The character needed to be played by exactly who played it – Rick Moranis. He absolutely killed it as the geeky, desperate neighbor of the beautiful Dana. It made sense, too, because he was the other person to be possessed.

"What an asshole"
“What an asshole”

So this array of characters interacts with a supernatural presence in the city of New York. The city is absolutely iconized in the movie, from the skyline to landmarks across the movie. It is one of those films that did an unbelievable justice to how grand and cool New York City is and helped to make it my favorite city in the world.

The supernatural presence, which at first begins with more simple ghosts and continues into full pandemonium, is Gozer the Gozarian. Gozer is a real motherfucker. A Hittite demi-god who basically was a killer and destroyer. Unfortunately, Gozer became real somehow. All this time, the Ghostbusters are trapping more and more ghosts until Walter “Pecker” Peck from the EPA shows up and shuts down the power grid, releasing all hell on the city.

"You can have it your way, Mr. Venkman."
“You can have it your way, Mr. Venkman.”

The Ghostbusters are jailed until Carl from Family Matters sets them lose. Then, they go to the mayor’s and are like listen, short mayor guy, you are going to have to quit listening to this pedophile priest and dickless from the EPA and let us bust some ghosts. The mayor tells Peck to get out of there as Peter promises to get him a nice fruit basket. The mayor then goes with the Ghostbusters plan. The Catholic priest secretly thinks of boys as the plan unfolds.

Next up, they travel with the National Guard to the building where Gozer is about to come back. They’re too late though and they get to the top as Gozer has come out of his closet. Really, it looks like that. So they don’t know what the fuck to do and Gozer, tapping into Ray’s mind, morphs into a giant marshmallow man. The villain ends up becoming so iconic, it is featured in the cartoons and in toys and marketing forever. The Stay Puft Marshmallow Man.

So they roast him and then “cross the streams.” That causes total-protonic reversal, which would destroy the dimension that the Busters are in – except they crossed them right inside the doorway to the other dimension Gozer was from. This causes some shit to happen and assumingly destroyed that entire dimension. So if there were good people that lived there and Gozer was just a dick making his home inside of it….well they’re gone now.

A bunch of marshmallow gets all over everyone (except Peter). They’re all dirty. But Dana and Louis survived and Egon wants Louis’s brain tissue, which always sounded painful to me as a kid.

The busters ride off as Slimer flies into the camera. Slimer, too, would become so popular, that he got his own Hi-C drink, cartoon, toys and merchandise. It was even sort of stated that Slimer was the ghost of John Belushi, by Aykroyd. Pretty cool how he was almost the 5th Ghostbuster.


The movie was simply an epic. It is a must see and is my favorite movie of all time, most likely. Enjoy it.


Unfortunately, Ghostbusters 2 sucked.


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