I hated WWF Warzone.


Hello fuckers. Remembering back to the late 1990s, WWF didn’t have many video game options. At one point, WCW was killing them on consoles with WCW/nWo Revenge, World Tour, Nitro, and some others. Meanwhile, WWF had the shitty Wrestlemania Arcade Game no one wanted. Oh, don’t forget about the sequel to it no one remembers – In Your House. Acclaim had produced some flushers but finally seemed to be ready to give us an actual wrestling title…Warzone.

It sucked.

Revenge>World Tour>Warzone>Nitro would be my preference list, to some of the bigger releases for wrestling at the time. Warzone was just bad. For starters, you had to input combinations to do moves, like down-forward Square. Or up-up X. This shit sucked and meant you had to memorize a moveset to do anything except punch or kick repeatedly. Since that is great for Mortal Kombat and nothing else, this made the game impossible to pick up and play. Also, I remember trying to demonstrate a Stone Cold Stunner to my uncle and not being able to because the FUCKING game made me memorize more shit than Organic Chemistry to effectively play.

Next, the animations sucked. When you finally did a move, it looked worse than your action figures doing it. They moved like they had rods up a hemoroidy ass. The stunner, for example, just grabbed the opponent and sat down. No kick. And there was a mere, uninspiring health bar that decided the matches. When yours was up, you were done. You just beat on your opponent until then.

The crowd was awful. Sound, too, was awful, and would give me a headache anytime I played it. They put very little effort into making the sound come across well. The arena usually sounded totally empty! Commentary wasn’t good, either. Vince and JR did it. Yes, Vince McMahon recorded commentary for this.

There were no match types to this game beyond basic shit. Cage, tornado tag, hardcore, battle royal, tag and normal were your options. The N64 version got Royal Rumble, too, but had no music or videos like the PS1 game did. It sucked, like most games that were on both consoles.

The roster was also disappointing, because it featured a small variety of wrestlers and some had already left WWF for WCW, including Bret and Bulldog.

Ahmed Johnson
Bret Hart
British Bulldog
Ken Shamrock
Owen Hart
The Rock
Shawn Michaels
Stone Cold Steve Austin
Triple H
The Undertaker

You could also unlock Cactus Jack and Dude Love or a few outfits for some of the characters like Goldust.

There was a campaign mode called WWF Challenge which allowed you to work your way up to the title in a very VERY basic manner, with the occasional grudge match from previously beaten opponents. Since there were you know, like 10 wrestlers in the game, this wasn’t very fun either.

I hated the game. I’m pissed about it now. It was released as a “Greatest Hits” because everyone bought it during the Attitude Era but Acclaim sucked and this game was proof of it. At least Attitude Era, which sucked too, would have a huge roster and better single player. Still though, this entire game engine was complete and pure shit. It went the way of the dinosaurs but unfortunately, wasn’t struck by a meteor.

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