Review: Hell’s Kitchen – Season 6

Winner, Dave. Also, Gordon Ramsay in the background, bitching about a toothpick being a millimeter off.
Winner, Dave. Also, Gordon Ramsay in the background, bitching about a toothpick being a millimeter off.

Time for another season of Imaginary Place’s Kitchen. But here’s the thing about this season – it became one of the most famous or infamous, if you will. Reason? because of a guy/grit named Joseph, who decided to challenge Chef Ramsay to a fight. Because he ain’t no pussy.

The season begins like any of the others. A few people who are good mixed in with a LOT of lousy ass cooks. And for months, this is all I could bring myself to write here because for some reason, I stopped the review and might be the laziest person ever.

So check this out – I open up the post to finish the review and my cat PUKES in the middle if the fucking kitchen before I type one word. Pissed me off. Anyway…

This is the season I started watching the show for because an idiot, Joseph, decided he wanted to get in the face of Gordon Ramsay and challenge him to a fight. He had a chip on his shoulder the entire season and I would have knocked it off for him. Joseph was a lanky ass skinny fucking Marine with a superiority complex. I know a lot of Marines who are tough – but I know more who aren’t and think they are. Big fucking deal. And Joseph fucked around with Ramsay, who probably would have legit whipped his ass. He should have.

Notable for this season was Heather West, winner of season 2, joining as a sous chef. Also, Robert, from the previous season, brought his fat ass on board for this season again. Not sure how he managed that one.

Dave ended up winning the show. He broke his wrist or hand or something mid-season but kept working and stayed on board. It pretty much was his winning ticket, so long as he didn’t fuck up majorly. He didn’t. Rock on Dave.

It was a solid season of the show but the meat and potatoes, if you will, was Joseph showing his ass. I loved that. Suck me.

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