Review: Chappie

The poster couldn't less accurately reflect what the story is about. Has nothing to do with saving the world.
The poster couldn’t less accurately reflect what the story is about. Has nothing to do with saving the world.

Chappie is very unusual movie, not like any I can recall seeing. It is about a robot that becomes self-aware and, like a child, has to grow up and learn. However, it is set in South Africa, which has really bad crime in this movie.


So a company has invented police robots which is actually great. I don’t know why they would have lethal weapons though. Rubber bullets would seem like a better option. Even though they are insanely advanced, they have 1980 robot voices.

Hugh Jackman, not wanting to be typecast as Wolverine, might end up typecast as a robot movie guy if he don’t stop. First was Real Steel, which was real boring. Now, Chappie.

Just FYI, the stunt Hugh Jackman pulled by pulling a gun and putting it to someone’s head, even if it was unloaded, would have landed him in jail. It pissed me off but also showed the culture of Christians and guns and how the combination is like a jackass factory.

I like how the movie portrays Hugh Jackman as a crazed Christian who does some pretty evil shit in the Christian god’s name (about like all of them). He can’t handle the idea of a robot intelligence. Chappie beats the FUCK out of him at the end of the movie and I’m telling you, it was like a brain orgasm to watch. They built this part up well.

I was also worried how this movie would end, because most of the time, these types will kill everyone you have grown to love at the end. I thought that would happen in this movie, too. They actually tease it really well and make you think that’s what will happen and sure enough – they swerve us all at the end! Chappie is able to save Kumar from death as well as Lady Gaga and everyone ends up being a big happy robot family. Plus, they get to live forever!!! I’m so jealous. I want my brain transferred into a robot.

Think about it. I would be a great candidate. I always fight for the truth and justice. I don’t believe in man-made religions. I’m kind and honest and polite yet unafraid and unwilling to take bullshit. Very open-minded. I would be a great robot to have in the future.

My biggest complaint with Chappie might be that it seemed to be a REALLY soft, emotional movie during parts of it mid-way through. And actually, that may have been a necessary part to the story they were telling – but for me, it felt like that part dragged on and got to be a little torturous. I was wanting robot killings and I was getting robot cryings. However, the good part about this is that it builds up VERY WELL to the end, which is action packed.

Chappie is an interesting movie with lots of social questions and points, pretty solid story-telling and is even relatable for parents. As for showing it to kids, I probably wouldn’t unless you want your child saying he is going to kill a “Fuck Mother” or you want your kid seeing a body ripped in half and the torso thrown at a wall. That was wicked.

Chappie gets a 6/10. Worth watching if you like the genre but a little dumb and a little boring, too.

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