Fox Business needs to go OUT of business. It is HORRIBLE.


I started watching Fox Business as early as I could. It didn’t launch everywhere but slowly, every cable outlet came to get it. I believe DirecTV had it earliest in my area and I checked it out. From the first day it has been on, it SUCKED and it sucks now.

For starters, it has the shittiest business shows ever and they don’t even focus on the market, much of the time.

IMUS in the Morning – ZERO focus on business and they even speed through the business segments as if to say “HURRY UP THIS IS NOT WHAT WE’RE HERE FOR.” They are pandering to the conservative right to be on this network.

The British Guy After Imus – (Stuart Varney!!!) he is 100% Republican/Capitalist STOOGE.

The Rest of the Day – AWFUL

Money with Melissa Pregnant Mommy – This show is a local television-quality show on economics.

Neil Cavuto – Just call yourself what you are, a fucking pure CONSERVATIVE.

The Guy Up Forbes Ass – Man I’m sick of hearing him.

Dont forget the show they did in the BAR. YES. Fox had a show in a BAR with a long haired guy doing the news. That violates the Bible.

Their tickers have always been garbage and are 1/10th what CNBCs are, even if you just think about the conveyed information. I used to HAVE to watch CNBC just because it had better info on it. That was when I worked at a TV news station and the producer in the room with seniority was a Republican. It sucked that bad folks.

Oh, have you seen their ratings? I have. Only barely because sometimes, they’re too low to even register. Fox Business gets around 10,000 viewers in the 25-54 demographic. Yeah. That’s not a typo. Less than a local television station. Less than just about ANY channel. A FRACTION of even the lowest news channel, besides it. Source.

Now, one thing I can give the channel is that it makes up for the shitty programming, awful visuals, bad music and cheap feels with a diverse cast of talent and anchors.

Google: Fox Business Anchors
Google: Fox Business Anchors

Oh yeah, our society isn’t 98% female model. Fox once again goes the cheap route with their talent throughout the day, not letting a segment go by without a pretty lady in view.

The channel just sucks. I hate it. It needs to be canned, yesterday.


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