Review: Would You Rather


Would You Rather is a strange movie that falls under the horror genre, I suppose. It is about a group of people who get together and play a no questions asked game, without being told the rules ahead of time and in a clear fashion.

Those rules are that everyone dies but the winner and most die in horrendous fashion for the amusement of the rich guy, who is Weyoun from Deep Space Nine.

The cast is actually pretty decent. Dad from Home Alone is in it. Jeffrey Combs or whatever his name is, Weyoun. Penguin from Gotham is in it. The others do a pretty ok job of pulling it together. However, the film itself is rather thoughtless and tormented with a strange overtone and very wicked (yet also predictable) ending.

Here’s how it goes. A dumb chick with some sickly brother that needs a body transplant goes into this contest and a local cop allows it for a bribe. Like all police, he is susceptible to corruption. He regrets it later which gets his brains blown out.

The girl goes to the contest and realizes she has fucked up. People are dying and it is pretty nightmarish. However, despite being in some serious scenarios herself including having to hold her breath for 2 minutes under water, the girl manages to survive after one final choice. She and the other guy can walk out with nothing or she can shoot him and walk out with a bag of cash. She kills him. Then, they all start clapping. She has won the money and can save her stupid brother.

She gets home and finds her brother has killed himself.

If you’re looking for a fucked up movie and probably a fucked up mood for the rest of your night, check this one out. I’d rate it a 3/10 because it sucked.

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