Review: Damien – Omen 2


Damien: Omen 2 is a movie about some mythological tribal religion that somehow became world-wide. Santa is going nuts because Omen kid is back. Damien Thorne the antiChrist is alarming his old crazy ass. They die.

What these films do is portray crazy people as sane, which encourages them. The old mean bitch who is really insane is portrayed as the one with the good senses.

A crow lands and I guess casts death on the old lady. She gets up has a dramatic heart attack and dies.

Damien and his brother are at a school where a bully fucks with Satan. Damien nearly kills him with the Dark Side of the Force.

A crazy bitch warns Damien’s new dad about Christ and shit. She strikes me as entirely insane. Of course, the only way she is not insane is that all of this is true. As she is praying, driving, her car breaks down and a crow attacks her and pecks her. God doesn’t help her. She also can’t grab the bird and slam it like I would. She gets ran over and her body somehow flies OVER the semi truck.

I would try to buddy up with the antiChrist if I met him as a kid. Maybe get a cabinet position or something in the end times. Bet that’ll pay nicely,

A doctor discovers that Damien has a fucking JACKYLs blood and a different cell structure. He gets cut in half by an elevator cable. It is the worst case of cut in half I’ve seen since Walk Hard.

Truth is Damien isn’t bothering anyone but everyone treats him like shit.

A Catholic priest is terrified because of this stuff even though he should know that it confirms the fictional gods existence. Maybe he is upset about those kids he molested….

Damien kills his brother with a Jedi thing and then burns his dad and mom up after the mom kills the dad. He didn’t need her. Movie ends. Sucks.


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