Shut the fuck up about Father’s Day.


Happy Father’s Day. My dad is dead.

That’s how much sense it makes, though. This dumb ass day that everyone has to fucking talk about all of the time ends up being a reminder of sadness and grief for anyone who has lost their parents. And why?

All so people will buy things.

That is IT. That is the ONLY reason for fucking Father’s Day. So you will go out and buy your dad a cheap watch or a shitty necklace or a dumb watch, I ran out of gift ideas just there.

See, America is all about commercialization. That’s all. Everyfuckingthing is about money, including your religion for some reason. Money money money. Father’s Day is another one of those days where you’re guilt-tripped into buying dad a wrench or drill. He didn’t need that shit. Dad’s don’t give a fuck if they get some gift on a random bs holiday. Moms do, because they’re emotional and sometimes fall into that bs, but lots of them know better too.

Fucking Father’s Day. I’m so sick of these damned dumb holidays. I have a new holiday.

Life. It’s everyday. You live it and it’s bad ass, so you celebrate it by showing those you love that you care about them and being good to others. Man, that holiday is already my favorite. My least favorite is probably Ramadan.


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