Final Fantasy Record Keeper is a treat for fans on mobile.


Final Fantasy Record Keeper is an original game for mobile and tablet devices featuring Final Fantasy characters. I wish I had known about this game from day one because it is fucking AWESOME.

You get to make your party with characters you unlocked from the game. So you could have Sephiroth, Locke, Rydia, Tidus and Lightning. Characters have unique strengths and weaknesses and yes, some are just better than others. Sephiroth is the most powerful physical attacker. Paladin Cecil is the best defender.

You use energy, which replenishes over time.

So I hate the method for selecting who is attacking. You have to skip or defend. And if you’re skipping, there isn’t an order to who is next unless it is who was ready first. I am spoiled by FFVI’s menus for attacking. You could cycle through with a tap. Fortunately, auto attack is back! With that out of the way, the method for selecting spells is fun. Simple, with w complexed background.

The tutorial or opening part of this is a little long, really. Just get through it because it’s worth it. I should have when I first got the game.

The sound in this game is top level. It incorporates all the old soundtracks which, from the first NES game, are all good and hold up well. You’ll enjoy the game if for no other reason than that.

The developers include a lot of regular events, including ways to make mithril, the premium equal to gems in the game. That’s purchasable currency. First Rare Relic Draw I did was Locke’s Soul Break/Legendary Weapon Rising Sun. You have a good chance to get good stuff.

The title ends up being a solid bit of fun. I did start to get sick of it after about a month and am now playing it much more sparingly, but the devs are adding loads of content regularly including events to get limited time characters. Props to them on that.

I’ll give it a 6/10. Solid game.

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