Review: Lee Daniels’ The Butler


Lee Daniels’ The Butler is one of the most profound movies I have watched in a long while and really made me angry at The South, southern pride, Confederate flag dummies and the way stupid people seem to expect their bigotry to be tolerated by innocent, kind humans just wanted to be treated equal. The movie was an experience I wish I could share with all of you.

The film opens with a great injustice happening. One that really enraged me in a viewing sense. Slaves were raped or murdered at will by owners with no consequence. People who like to say that slaves were treated well in The South are the worst liars the human race has ever known, besides Christian preachers. But out of a plantation comes The Butler, played by Forrest “Lazy Eye” Whittaker.

Now, some of the casting choices pissed me off. Robin Williams played Eisenhower and almost seemed like he was joking or being goofy during a very serious moment when the Arkansas governor Oralsex Faubus would not allow black students to join a previously white school. Also, Oprah is in this throughout and I hate her. She’s a lying hack who spreads Dr. Drew and Dr. Phil and Dr. Clown of the Week bullshit all over TV. But there are many recognizable names throughout the film, for small times. Robert F Kennedy actor guy plays JFK, which was also weird. None of the actors look like the people they’re portraying. Nixon looks like he’s 15 years old.

But the story of the movie holds true past the odd acting choices. The Butler watches his country go from shitty racist nation that treats blacks like shit to shitty racist nation that treats blacks like shit with a black President and slightly better laws. But the big moment is when Whittaker’s right eye watches President Obama get elected. His left eye was watching the ceiling or something.

Then he went to the White House and was a dick to the guy who was just trying to walk him to the President. “I know the way you little whipper snapper.” “Yeah? Well you looked like you might fall over at any second so I just wanted to be sure you got there in one piece.” I’d have shot back, but see, these characters always just sit there in movies when getting smarted off at. I wouldn’t take that shit. People like smarting off but if they can do it to me, I can reply back with one and expect THEM to be silent. OH you can’t be silent either bitch now that I evened the odds? Fuck you. Some chick KEEPS messaging me on Facebook hang on I gotta mute her.

So The Butler is a really good movie. When you hear people saying Southern pride and Confederate Heritage shit, remember that The South sucked dick (I am born and raised in it and get to say that) and only ratified the 14th amendment (equality to all) because they were MADE to after getting the fuck beat out of them in the Civil War. The South didn’t rise the first time losers and I’m telling you now, knock that shit off. Sit down, grab a cup of coffee (black, because, you know) and watch Lee Daniels’ The Butler. It really is an excellent experience. 8/10, with 2 points basically deducted for me having to see Auto-Erotic Asphyxiation Williams in it.

Southern Rebel Skull Rider Confederate Flag

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