WCW Nitro for PS1/N64 sucked anus.


One of the worst videogames of all TIME was WCW Nitro for PS1. It had one good feature: the nWo theme in the menu. This was in the days before you had your themes on YouTube. We had to look through fucking angelfire websites to find that shit back in the day and it was as BAD quality as possible or had commentary over it.

The game featured controls that were popular back then, in the mindset of a moronic person who isn’t in touch. See, you controlled the wrestler similar to a Mortal Kombat character, inputting commands like down down forward triangle to do a dropkick that happened in the first 3 frames of the 10 frames per second this game ran at. Oh man every move looked like a dick made it. They looked like absolute garbage, often not at all getting the move right, such as the suplex. And why the fuck did Verne Gagne call it a souffle?

The menu-selection allowed you to see prerecorded videos from the dumb trash wrestlers on why you should pick them. A lot of people have put up youtube videos of it. Go look it up if you want to. I don’t.

There was NO cool campaign mode or ANY campaign for that matter. Just a single player mode where you wrestled a bunch of people with no reason. You could also play as shit like a horse or moose in this game. Talk about something that makes me want to break it.

The game was panned and yet, sold simply because it was WCW Nitro and that logo, in the beginning of the nWo run, was pretty much all you needed to sell to some people. Despite it being poor as fuck quality, it spawned a cheap copy sequel, WCW Thunder. Even I didn’t bother with that one, which was considered by some to be the worst wrestling game ever. It was pretty much Nitro, to a T, with no improvements and more people in it to hate.

I think they should have made a WCW Saturday Night game with the Terminator 2 opening that they used. Remember that? They really did use a copy of the Terminator 2 style crap. For a wrestling show. Like they were all cyborgs.

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