Cleveland Abduction is too disturbing for me.

Cleveland Abuction Movie Poster

Cleveland Abduction is about Ariel Castro the real winner who abducted and held women for years.

We get to know the victim. She’s got a shitty loser for a mother with no responsibility. Thanks to that hag, she has to walk to a child services meeting. She’s probably too stupid to blame herself, though.

The poor girl gets abducted by shameful scumbag Ariel Castro. She prays to the Christian God to save her but he’s busy helping a college student’s application to get approved. Not worth worshipping even if he was real and he’s not.

Ariel Castro is the worst type of human. His whole family should be beaten and burned for this shit, especially his mom.

The struggle in this movie is very real. The movie is also unfortunately so disturbing, I found myself uninterested in watching it beyond a third of the way through.

I know the story got a lot worse before it got any better. Eventually, the girls got out and he was arrested and found guilty on like 1,000 counts of rape. For someone like this, who is this evil, he should have been sentenced to life of TORTURE. Pure agony. Instead, Ariel Castro killed himself a month into his sentence. He didn’t have a single year of punishment. Just a month thanks to the ineptitude of the people who work in the justice system (stupid people).

Fuck Ariel Castro and his entire blood line for eternity and fuck this movie for really just exploiting true horror for money. Lifetime is weird.


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