Jared Fogle always sucked but now he’s fucked!


I’ve always hated Jared Fogle. He came across like a total fake nerd and like usual, I was right about him. He’s a fucking pedophile.

Jared has been Subway’s spokesman for a decade and a half. Subway, famous for shitty sandwiches, hired him because he was a fat fuck with no muscles who lost a bunch of weight by starving himself and the result was still a fat fuck, just in a skinny guys body – still no muscle.

Still a loser.
Still a loser.

But Subway was like “Hey our shitty sandwiches can make you skinny! We know they suckier than fuck but since you can lose weight maybe people will buy them.” Suddenly, dumbasses everyone flocked to Subway to get a foot-long pizza sub, a bag of chips and a Mountain Dew, hoping hoping to lose weight.

But “Eat Fresh” wasn’t just Subways slogan. It was Jareds, too, who was not only fucking around with child porn, on a substantial level (fucked up mentally, gross) – he was messing around with KIDS.

Jared's first day in jail.
Jared’s first day in jail.

14 victims as young as 13 are getting $1.4 million in restitution from Jared Fondle as part of his plea deal. That’s about $100,000 each for a lifetime of mental trauma about a famous titty-having nerd playing with their yah-yahs. Fogle actually got a great deal from prosecutors – only two charges. One was for crossing state lines to hook up with 16 year olds.

Jared sucks.

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