Grandma’s Boy isn’t as good as it is remembered to be.


Grandma’s Boy is a movie I discovered early in my weed smoking years. It was when I was in college. Yes, a total stoner movie. I loved it then but can it stand up to my standards today?

Kevin Nash shows up as the guys play XBox and smoke weed. They’re losers. Nash is evicting them in the scene but out of character, they catch him actually saying he will massage cock for money.

The movie makes references to weed types at Dante’s. That was wild back then but it’s common now in 2015.

When our main character cums on Jeffry’s mom, it is still funny. “It feels so good!”

This movie makes being a video game tester seek like it would be fun but can you imagine sitting and playing one shitty broken game for 8 hours at a time? It would be like when I platted Batman Arkham Origins online. I made several people hate me during that.

JP is the creep that probably really would be a game programmer. “Ninja Blood Orgy” is on the wall. “I’m thinking of getting metal legs. It’s a risky operation but it’s worth it.” A YOUNG Jonah Hill is in the background of the game off between the testers. He’s HUGE!!!

“Hey look it’s Bono’s brother.”

It’s crazy how this movie really normalizes the stereotype that hot women don’t play games. I know many beautiful girls who game and who are also insulted by that, so the movie loses a few point with this.

Jeffry asking if he broke it after killing the high score was funny shit.

Gay joke that’s probably politically incorrect but still funny. “Hope it’s a naked guy with a boner.”

David Spade makes a cameo as Shiloh. The segment wasn’t good.

Actually, the movie seems to fall off around this point. When they’re all getting high at grandma’s, it isn’t very funny. A woman shows her tits because this is a Happy Madison movie.

“Someone ass getting laid toNIGHT.”

When Columbine started eating the sushi, it made me really want some despite his robot sound effects/nerd shit. Philip is his middle name, we learn as he cries.

Robot dork steals Alex’s game but he gets it back thanks to his grandma winning at it. The end.

The movie didn’t end up being as good as I remembered – or maybe didn’t remember. It wasn’t worth watching until the end but on the year that Adam Sandler did Pixels, why not look at his actual best game movie. 6/10, generously.


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