WWF Home Video’s Hell Yeah (Stone Cold) features drinking and driving!


When Stone Cold Steve Austin took off in the 1997 and 1998 time, there wasn’t a WWE marketing machine like there is in 2015. Every few months, he might get a new shirt – that was it. When his first VHS came out, ‘Cause Stone Cold Said So, it was BAD ASS because it was rated R basically. WWF was going REALLY far for a few months (Brian Pillman pulled a goddamn gun on Austin one week, come on!). But by the time Austin began his feud with Vince McMahon, they had toned it down from that insane shit…and Austin’s third WWF Home Video came out. “Hell Yeah.

We open with Austin exiting the arena with two beers. He gets into his pickup, with a camera and LIGHT in his face on his right, and proceeds to drive down the road, tell kayfabe stories about his career – spanning his World Title win over HBK to beating the Rock the next year at Wrestlemania XV and around then – and one other thing…what is it? Oh yeah…

Drinking and Driving.

Stone Cold Steve Austin, throughout this entire video, is DRINKING and driving a pick-up on the highway. At one point, he even cusses out a stupid dumb sorry ass piece of shit who is driving slowly in the fast-lane. Now, I don’t blame him but we’re talking about a guy with a fucking bright-ass light in his right eyeball and a beer in his right hand…this is just a formula for disaster.

Thing about this VHS is that it was also the first Stone Cold Steve Austin DVD release, at least in the United States. I remember getting it along with Wrestlemania XV on DVD – and the fucking disc 1 was FUCKED UP on that piece of shit. DVDs were really hard to make at that point, I guess. It only cost like $35. Greed.

This also features Stone Cold acting like pro-wrestling is real, which to me, looks ridiculous today. I think it looked somewhat normal back then but they could have been smarter about it than have him say that “The Undertaker is an extension of himself.” Oh, he really lives in a graveyard and really drives a hearse? I doubt it. But Stone Cold Steve Austin really was an extension of himself – a steroid abusing raging alcoholic who drinks and drives.

I liked Steve Austin during this time. I liked him a lot. One thing killed it and it is in that article I just linked you to above. Austin’s wives (yes, multiple) claim he was physically abusive to the extent that they feared for their lives. Ever wonder why Stone Cold went from being Wrestlemania 17’s winner to a mid-carder by Wrestlemania 18? I think that’s it. It fits the time frame and Stone Cold has never really gone anywhere since then. I don’t even think he will main event another Wrestlemania for one…more…match, just considering that present-day WWE would be horrified if it came out that they were promoting an alleged woman-beater.

Anyway, despite all of that, this is a rather boring production that contained only one interesting tidbit: Austin got knocked out by the Undertaker in Summerslam 1998, when Taker lifted his head up after being kicked. It was a freak accident! But I never have heard it mentioned in a WWE production before or since this, except for on this production.

You’ll have to find it in a flea market, on eBay or some other outlet if you want to watch this because I do not expect WWE to EVER release this video again. Just another artifact from a less politically correct and sensitive time…

And if you plan on defending drinking and driving, you can go fuck yourself. It is dangerous, deadly and irresponsible.


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