The Omen: Final Conflict sucked.


The last shitty Omen movie (for now) is The Final Conflict. Basically, it’s all the made up shit coming to fruition. Sam Neill plays Damien.

We hear about the ice age, 50,000 years ago, which must be fictional for this story to be true since the Bible requires the age of the earth to be 6,000 years old.

Damien says he is supposed to be killed but is going to flip the script on God and kill Jesus. Jesus of course has Phoenix materia equipped and can resurrect upon death.

A bunch of old guys try to kill Damien but fail. Damien goes on a fox hunt but kills an old guy instead, just as well. See, all these guys are trying to kill him with 7 knives.

Sam Niell eventually shields himself with the sorry ass news anchor’s kid to save himself. Sort of funny. Then the mom stabs him and he gets a dramatic death as – get this – Christ returns and Revelations is displayed on screen! LOL.

This movie sucked. It makes crazy people look sane with magic and evidence and all the things not in reality. I hate this movie. 2/10

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