Things no one wants to see you post on Facebook. (Idiots need to read)

I don’t know why, but some people are STILL too stupid to understand that somethings do NOT need to be on Facebook. They need to be on Ogrish or some nasty shit. Here is a list of things NO ONE WANTS TO SEE you post on Facefuck.

Your kids shitty butt or diaper.

Feet. The grossest body part.

Your kid cutting or losing teeth, it isn’t unique. 170 billion people have done it so far.

Your kid cutting a gash into their head or knee, they all do it.

Your kid.

Prayer chains. That shit isn’t real. It would have worked more than never if it was real. Jesus isn’t even your friend on Facebook and you think he will bless you if you like a strangers chain post?

Bible verses. They’re meaningless. I can show you verses that command murder over ten times.

You drinking or at a party. Instead of taking idiotic photos, live your meaningless little life through your own eyes and not a smart phone lens.

Diabetic injuries. I reported a guy for this. I was trying to eat oatmeal at the time and he posted his foot with a hole in it that I kept imagining eating the oatmeal out of.

Pageants. This fucking shit is so dumb. I don’t even know why they still do them.

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