Hey kids, psst…Tattle-telling rules.


Tattle taling is one of the most fun things you can do in school. It’s so fun watching people you hate get in trouble. I started in Kindergarten

There are many great opportunities to tattle on people.

When they pee their pants

When someone cheats on a test

When someone doesn’t cheat on a test but you hate them anyway

When they pass notes, especially to a girl you like

Just anything.

Now, you have to let a few days pass before tattling to the same teacher. Consider it a cool down. 2 days, unless the teacher is smart. Then, a week.

Also, if the teacher gets smart about it, tattle by saying “Would you rather learn from me or later on, from someone else?” You have to really kiss up to teachers. They’re in a career which was like 7th on their list of dream jobs.

Don’t be afraid to tattle anonymously. Just be discreet. Since you’re a kid, you’re dumb, and are likely to get caught.

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