Vacation is an alright movie.

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I really didn’t know what to expect with the 2015 Vacation movie but I am happy with what they did. The movie is adult humor at an above average level. It wasn’t endless laughs but it is worth watching if you’re a fan of the series.

First, it isn’t a reboot. This is Russ Griswold’s story. Inheriting the same zaniness as his father Clark, Russ treks with his family in a weird vehicle across the United States. The path doesn’t make much sense, at times. They go through Memphis and for some reason, get to Arkansas a good 20 minutes in the movie later. Problem is, if you’re in Memphis, you are one INCH from Arkansas. The “welcome to Arkansas” sign is on bridges that you cross to get over the Mississippi river.

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This was a fuck up that I noticed from being here and while it isn’t THAT big of a deal, it is just noticeable enough to make anyone from this area feel like this was cheap.

Actually, most people from this area don’t have televisions so they probably won’t give a fuck.

In Arkansas, they suddenly drive 5 hours south for absolutely no reason. They head to Hot Springs and jump in a shit bath. It wasn’t particularly funny. I smelled this coming from a mile away. HA! But yeah it was an obvious set up that reminded me of Vince McMahon humor. He’s obsessed with shit.

The movie gets a little better as the travels continue. Chris Hemsworth is in the movie as Stone, the guy with the biggest cock on the planet. He’s married to Audrey Griswold, who must be tunnel-esque by now with that thing going up in her all the time.

Anyway, they actually go to Clark Griswold’s house and its fucking Chevy FAT AS FUCK Chase along with Beverly D’Angelo or whatever her name is. I actually popped for the station-wagon reveal and was excited that Chevy was going to be in the rest of the movie! And then they drive off…with Chevy and wife just standing there…and I was really let down.

They get to Wally World and of course, it sucks but the moral of the story is that the time spent together was the vacation – not the destination.

I’d give the movie a solid 7/10. It is worth a watch but isn’t worth much praise.

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