I hate people who don’t use turn signals.


My worst enemies while driving are fuck faces who won’t flip the turn signal. What’s it take, a fifth of a calorie? I’ll mock them, sometimes, doing an animated hillbilly face (The genetic cesspool) and flicking my hand up and down, which is ALL THAT IS REQUIRED OF YOU LAZY FUCKS.

Don’t you understand that, when you are turning right and don’t signal, the fucking guy sitting, staring at you in the street you are turning into could really use the info that you plan to stop and not pass him? IT MEANS HE GETS TO GO. Why is this so fucking hard?

I NEVER do this shit. If I see someone where I plan to turn, I’ll signal several streets ahead just to be extra nice. I also ease my vehicle up at stop lights so people can turn right, or pull into the street. I’m a considerate driver. You know what I don’t do?

Not use my turn signal. That’s such a dick move. I’ve decided that it means you are stupid. Yes, you are also inconsiderate but that just means you don’t think about others which just means you don’t think. So you’re stupid. Don’t have kids.

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