I love Dungeon Boss

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Dungeon Boss is fucking badass. I love it. It’s for Apple and Android.

What’s the most fun part of an RPG? Boss battles, managing stats, upgrading your characters. Dungeon Boss takes the best parts of a dungeon RPG and presents them in a very beautiful package.

You control a team of heroes you must summon. You can have up to four at once and the combinations are endless. Strategies really do get developed by just testing and playing. How well will Nitpick work with Fuckface or whatever another one’s name is? Unlocking people and putting them to the test is half of the fun.

Of course, the other half begins at level 10, when you can make your own “dungeon” which is really just your four favorite heroes. You can do some small upgrades too. Nothing particularly creative in this regard but a very sound formula. My team vs yours and if I win, I steal your gold.

There is a premium aspect to this game but since I got excited (and really high on some kush), I’ve already spent $40 on it and can’t complain too much about that, now! But the premium seems pretty thoughtful. There is a VIP system to reward you for spending, which I like. Things you can buy will typically benefit you for as long as you play. Most of the time, buying energy refills is what you’ll want to do but the starter pack for $4.99 makes the game far more enjoyable and easier.

The chat system fucking sucks in this game. I don’t know what they were thinking there but you know those light bars that can scroll text behind the cash register at BBQ restaurants? That’s more efficient at communicating than this game’s chat.

The graphics are charming and exactly what they needed to be. They didn’t do the lazy ass Minecraft graphics but did their own sort of simple artistic spin on it and it’s good. It works.

I really like Nitpick because he looks like the devil. Face it, that’s the coolest look you can aspire to.

The game gets a 9/10. Your mom gets a 1/10.

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