Walgreens sucks

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Walgreens is such a fucking stupid company. Think about it – buy cigarettes and cancer medicine in the same store. Capitalism at its fucking finest.

First, their stores suck. They have the suckiest book collections I’ve ever witnessed. Talking about romance novels for old ladies to press a finger against their bean once and spray sand out. You also can’t walk around without seeing a floatation device in a random kiosk, like everywhere. Even in Winter.

If you’re hoping to score some expensive groceries, Walgreens has you covered. They don’t have a good deal on anything in this store, except maybe on romance novels or floatation devices.

There is also a really obese lady at my local/nearest one. I know it doesn’t really reflect the rest of the chains but her arm fat hangs over her elbow and down below it, too. I’m tired of looking at an arm that looks uncircumcised anytime I need a prescription.

Walgreens Website is a loady-mess. It’s always loading something. It seems to have really bad speeds in that department, too. Which didn’t help today when my anxiety medicine ran out and I was ready to thrash.

I went to their drive through and a blonde fuck just sits on the phone talking for 15 minutes. She never waves anyone over (they employ 12 people per square foot in their pharmacy). She never gestures to me or mouths hold on. Just stares right through me. I’m starting to get fed up anyway due in no small part to a girl standing me up Saturday night/till 5 AM Sunday, and finally another lady shows up to help. How did that go?

Great, if their job was to leave out vital prescriptions. I had to drive for 9 hours to get home through the town I live in (We only have red lights. They don’t turn green. Just yellow, then red again.) I get home, and manually open my garage because it’s broke (Liftmaster, when you want the gear to shear off in your face). Then, I get my truck in, close the garage, and go change clothes. I open the bag and they’ve left a prescription out. Folks, I was ready to bite someone.

I called WalSchemes and had to listen to an advertisement for their flu shot program. Oh you need something? Let us tell you about bullshit first! I started mashing the 0 on my phone hard enough to break something.

I’ve also never seen a Walgreens that was easy to get into. They’re always “on the corner” of the busiest goddamn intersection you’ve ever seen. I have near-wrecks anytime I go to one. Also, I have seen several near accidents just thanks to a Walgreens being nearby. They use as much electricity as a small town to light their fucking stores and signs. Walgreens evidently thinks making a town look like Vegas is the best approach.

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