Fahrenheit 9/11 was excellent.


Fahrenheit 9/11 is a fantastic documentary by Michael Moore about all that went down during the Bush years, up until 2004.

George W. Bush absolutely stole the 2000 election. He sucked as President until 9/11* (still sucked after that, too, but a lot liked him).

Almost all private flights out of the country were grounded on 9/11. The Bin Laden family received White House approval to fly out AFTER the attacks.

George H W Bush was on a defense company board for years after 9/11. Bin Laden family members were also on the board. A Bin Laden and H. W. Bush were in a hotel together leading up to and until the morning of 9/11.

9/11 ended up benefitting Bush and Bin Laden families both tremendously.

Saudi Arabia owns 7% of America. The Saudi Ambassador met with Bush at the White House September 13th.

We invaded Iraq for no FUCKING REASON. It makes me so sick. Jeb! was actually defending that shit this year. (2015) I hate Jeb!.

Also, the media bias is touched upon. Fox News, no surprise, appears all the time. It isn’t just Fox, though. We see Katie Couric from CBS News doing it. We see others doing it too. It might even have come from Elizabeth Vargas, who I heard once sucked some dick on an airplane. I forget who it was.

We see young boys and girls being sent to kill innocent Iraqis over a lie.

The one thing I hate is when Moore pulls these stunts like asking Congresspeople to enlist their kids. You can’t pick your child’s job.

Moore was spot on in this documentary. The link between the Bush family and 9/11 is one that can’t be explored enough.


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