Ronda Rousey just got her ass kicked! YES!


Ronda Rousey just got knocked the fuck out! Finally!!! I’m thrilled. Why?

Ronda Rousey is pure trash.

For starters, her fucking ego was off of the charts and out of the Universe. She thought she was the shit. People talked about how she would kick a man’s ass. Yeah, if he didn’t fight back or was untrained. Girls can’t beat guys up. We’re stronger. Why be fucking dumb about it? I dated a chick who said she could beat me up once and so we had a match. She was an Army Staff Sgt. and I told her I would wrestle ONLY. No striking. She could do anything, including illegal moves in contested bouts. I won in 4 seconds. Why? I didn’t let her win because i wanted her to be aware of what a dangerous person was also going to do – not let her win. It’s great to see women being powerful but you still need to be aware of your own capabilities for survivals sake. Anyway, I smelled pussy in the house for a week after that.

And speaking of smells, the story goes that old Ronda Rousey STINKS. Miesha Tate, who also looks like she stinks, said Ronda smelled during their fights. I bet! Remember how classless Rousey was during that time, too? Wouldn’t touch gloves or shake hands after the fight.

She didn’t touch gloves with Holly Holm, either. That didn’t work out too well, tho. Something about people with that pigmentation skin shit makes them tough as nails. I think it hardens their resolve.

Ronda is also dating Travis Woman Beater Browne. He’s a big lug, a UFC Heavyweight, who has ALWAYS struck me as a grit and I read was accused of smacking his lady around. We live in a world where most allegations don’t get the attention they deserve, so seeing that this one DID get attention, it’s a concern.

Ronda likes that tho. She wrote in her new book (in crayon) that her boyfriend was standing in the door when she wanted to leave so she beat the fucking shit out of him. She even described the punches and knees to his face, yeah, in MMA terms.

Oh well. Stinky Rousey likes that trashy side. I heard her scream “Nooooo” when Herb told her she got caught. I’m just wondering what her reaction was when Dana told her earlier in the week that she would do the job. Those trilogies sure do big business, don’t they, Fertidas!?


6 thoughts on “Ronda Rousey just got her ass kicked! YES!”

  1. Im a girl
    and I know I could kick your ass
    it has nothing to do with strength
    I take offense to that
    and dangerous person
    Ive fought off somebody actually trying to truly hurt me

    I promise she let you win why would someone who wants to sleep with you embarass you by beating you up?
    its crazy where the internet takes you
    im never coming here again i just couldnt leave without responding with something to your egotistical arrogance
    and just to point out
    Guys who are in actuality Playboys who get girls and do have so much sex are truly nothing like you because they are not so obvious and disgusting about it


    1. Shut up bitch. You’re such a typical woman. Blah blah blah blah, shame shame. You act like you have a point, but all you do is nag. I personally believe this dude’s post. Why would a woman pretend to lose when it’s far more obvious that she lost, because she’s small, less tactical & weak. It’s only in the West where women pretend hard to be men. MMA is gay as fuck. You have to be mentally deranged to actually want to watch women fight. Every single female fighter I’ve seen is uncoordinated, weak, & small. I know this applies to you to.


    2. Bitch please you could fight yourway out of a wet papersack and I’m willing to put my money where my mouth is set up a ring match and I’ll put your ass in your where you belong then later I’ll do it again when your naked on your knees mouth open or on your back legs in the air or pinned against your chest and shoulders

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