Suicide Squad – A title containing what I’d rather do than watch this again


The movie Suicide Squad should have been something of a wonder. It should have been dark, possibly rated R or at least a DEEP PG-13, with twisted elements, a different tone and risks. Lots of risks.

Instead, it’s a shitty Guardians of the Galaxy rip-off.

The movie opens with about 120 licensed songs playing back to back to back. If you count, you’ll realize at one point how stupid it is. You can’t even appreciate one of the songs for another playing and instantly running together. Then, we see Batman. You know, the part they showed in the trailer like he was in the movie. Well, he’s not. He’s in a flashback and they showed almost his entire cameo in the trailer, so that was a let down.

Then, we meet the WORST Joker ever on film, played by Jared Leto My Eggo. The Joker wears a grill, which is fine, but he’s a skinny, lanky creep who isn’t really evil and actually treats Harley Quinn like he loves her. See, that’s NOT what the fucking Joker did.

In the comics, which I’ve read one or two of OK? In those, Joker beat the shit out of her and it was a very abusive relationship. It isn’t like this is something we are glorifying. It is a reminder of the broken mentality of people who are into crime and destruction and chaos for a living. However, this movie had to try to force a romance down our fucking throats and it ended up sucking worse than Elizabeth Vargas on special report. Maybe two people will get this joke.

I’m not even sure what happened at the end of the movie, I was so done with this thing before we could reach it. I know something blew up and Joker pushed Harley out of the chopper to save her, which was out of character. I’m telling you, this Joker was awful.

I heard WB, which sucks, tried to go nuts and completely change the movie before they released it. I wish they would have left their grubby little fingers out of it. This should have been a magical ride but all it was was disappointing. They’re like 0-3, now, with Man of Steel, Batman v Superman, and I want to commit Suicide Squad. What’s next, Wonder Woman? Oh yeah that one will probably be good, lol.

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