Papa John is a piece of human garbage

Unfortunately, the worst thing possible in the universe to come out of the mouth of a business owner that named the business after himself happened this Summer to Papa John’s.

He said the N-word on a conference call with executives of his company and a marketing agency.

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When I first heard this, I busted out laughing. There was no way this could be real. John Schnatter, the founder and namesake of “Papa John’s,” was already in the middle of a BAD public relations nightmare. In November, 2017, he voiced his concerns on the national anthem debate and blamed the NFL for sagging pizza sales (guess what, idiot? That’s not the reason. Your pizza sucks).

So, in May, Schnatter was asked how he would distance himself from racist groups online. This was on a call with the executives and marketing agency. He was training on that call to better handle PR nightmares. Proving what a clumsy idiot he is, the next words out of his mouth would forever cement his legacy to the public.

“Colonel Sanders called blacks ‘ni**ers,'” Schnatter said. Source: Forbes

It was the beginning of a sentence explaining that, to his dismay, Sanders didn’t face a public backlash for his remarks.

DUH IDIOT. That was during a “different” time, which is another way of saying people were just shittier people back then than they are now! Society has improved – something you’ve clearly not done while making your ashy ass pizza.

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This is actually real. Papa John probably trained this person. Source: The Daily Meal

Not only did Massa John say the full N-word on the call but he also talked about black people being dragged from trucks until they died, somehow. Several people on the call found the comments offensive and the incident caused the marketing agency to terminate their contract with Papa John’s.

They did that after working so closely with the owner, they found him to be a level of repulsive beyond relief.

“News reports attributing the use of inappropriate and hurtful language to me during a media training session regarding race are true,” Papa John said. “Regardless of the context, I apologize. Simply stated, racism has no place in our society.”

Now, you’ll never guess what happened next.

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Yeah. See, Schnatter had already been removed from his leadership position of the company after his NFL comments but he was still allowed to be chairman of the board, if not the CEO. That ended in July, 2018.

Not content with driving the company’s stock into the ground, being a horrible shit, and embarrassing himself to the world, Schnatter sued Papa John’s. He’s been trying to cause hell since the board forced him out and he wants to be back in the company, although he claims he “for sure” doesn’t want to be the CEO, according to CNBC.

His lawsuit is over some bullshit documents. It’s nonsense. The company released an official statement saying so.

“We have already provided John Schnatter all of the materials he is entitled to as a director and will not be distracted by his misstatements, words and actions,” Papa John’s told CNBC. “There is nothing he’s entitled to that he hasn’t already received. This is being dealt with through the appropriate legal channels.”

Schnatter is prohibited from buying anymore of his company’s stock until July, 2019. Unfortunately, he still owns a 30-percent stake in the company. So, by buying Papa John’s, you’re buying racist pizza.

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It’s not just that he’s a racist. He’s a shitty guy. During the effort by President Obama to give people access to healthcare (how evil), Schnatter announced that he would cut employee hours to avoid paying for their insurance instead of improving the lives of the people making him money.

In 2011, Schnatter said it would cost as much as $8 million dollars to provide health care for his STAFF. He would never do such a thing. But he gave away two million pizzas, costing between $24 million and $32 million for marketing.

The company’s 2011 net revenue was $1.2 billion and they made $55.6 million in profit. Schnatter’s salary, at least in 2015, was $3.6 million – enough to insure almost half of his staff.

So why wouldn’t he just do the right thing?

He doesn’t have to.


Greedy, nasty people who put their faces on pizza boxes don’t have to be good to you or the economy. They don’t have to help raise their workers out of poverty or improve their lives. They don’t have to stand for the rights of black people who are unfairly murdered by cops routinely.

Once upon a time, making a pizza with better ingredients meant sustainable business growth but in 2018, it isn’t enough anymore. You better not be a piece of shit making my pizza or I’ll take my money and go somewhere else.


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