Did JFK secretly die of a drug overdose

For many years people have speculated about the death of John F Kennedy and if it was actually something shrouded in conspiracy due to hidden intentions. However I postulate the idea that John F Kennedy was not assassinated but rather died of a drug overdose while riding in the back of the Cadillac.

What if John F Kennedy took so much drugs his head just did that?

At the same time, Poor Lee Harvey Oswald was just trying to read a book. With his rifle. Next to an open window. That could happen to anyone.

John F Kennedy was well known as a drug addict. He once had sex with Marilyn Monroe and according to several sources her vagina was filled with drugs.

Some people say JFK, as some people called him, was shot up. But what if he shot up himself?

In early frames, is JFK shooting up in his left arm? So much, he OD’d and popped?

I just don’t know.


Rise of Skywalker d23 trailer proves Disney killed Star Wars

The picture of the Emperor in the background of this is literally an action figure. I’m not joking.

The latest trailer for Star Wars The Rise of Skywalker shows that the Star Wars Saga is dead and Disney is the undertaker. The biggest reason is that in 2019, stupid suck ass hacks have achieved power in corporations like Disney and Sony. Everyone is charge is where they’re at because they’re a good kiss ass. They’re not good writers like Steven Spielberg, Ivan Reitman, George Lucas, or others who had to achieve their success through creativity.


You achieve your success now by being a man-hating mega liberal who bows down to the bad ideas of your bosses.

That’s why these movies are written by people who seem unintelligent. They are. They’re not creative people. They’re hacks.

The trailer begins by showing us a montage of the old movies. Moments, mostly created by George Lucas, are used to draw us into this film. They’re doing this because the previous two films did not get anyone invested in the characters.

We finally see a shot from the new Disney trilogy. It’s XWings flying. They created so little in terms of characters, they have nothing to show us here.

And we finally hear it. It’s the lame ass strategy Disney is going to run with. This is the last Star Wars movie and the saga is concluding SO YOU BETTER GO WATCH IT.

But, the saga already concluded in Revenge of the Sith, in my eyes. This is just fan fiction by a company rich enough to buy the rights. It’s damn near as lame as watching PewDiePie with a green lightsaber fighting Darth Maul while acting concerned and wise.

So, the gimmick this time is that the series is ending. If that’s (hopefully) true, it means Disney has made a horrendous decision out of the gate. See, we knew the last prequel was the end of that series but this? This is open ended and you’re telling us the finish. The finish is that this movie wraps it all up.

Which immediately kills the believability of Rey turning to the Dark Side, which is what we see at the end of the trailer. But I’m getting ahead of myself.

We see the bland main characters all traveling together for some reason. They’re looking for a hidden cache of superweapons the Emperor stored. Because, in Return of the Jedi, the Death Star he was building wasn’t really that important. He had a dozen or so hidden away.

This continues a trend of Disney reimagining old characters in ways that negatively affect the original trilogy.

Most notably, with the Emperor returning, it will nullify the prophecy that Anakin would bring balance to the Force. When Darth Vader threw Palpatine down the shaft, KILLING HIM, that WAS the prophecy.

Bringing Palpatine back to life takes all the meaning away of the ending in Return of the Jedi.

But it’s too late and they’re already doing it. Even though he’s going to be killed off FOR GOOD* this time, I’m already let down by the cheap plot line of bringing dead characters with completed arcs back to life all because of one reason:

Disney’s hacks like JJ Abrams and Rian Johnson, appointed by Queen Hack Kathleen Kennedy, couldn’t write a villain interesting enough to make me want to watch the series.

I’m not sure how Rian Johnson is even still alive. No one has ever failed as badly as him but he’s on Twitter like a proud fool. I would have taken a trip to the rope store and the rickety stool store by now. You ever see one of those toothless rotted mouth people smiling as big as their mouth will go? That’s his level of unawareness. Toothless Smiler Level.

Kylo and Rey are going to fight again in this movie. That’s the third time they’ll have fought. Disney didn’t let the male win once so we have no stakes and no one cares. No one believes Kylo will win. Even if he does, we all hate him for being so weak.

Oh, and C3PO’s eyes turn red now because of some hostile programming that takes him over OR worse, because he’s possessed by the Emperor.

It’s 1:15 into the trailer before we see the new film (1:50 is when the title appears, so…). We hear Darth Vader breathing. Rey has a red saber at the end and it’s kind of stupid (two at once that then flip into a double bladed one. Why would you want two?)

So, if they turn Kylo good…and Rey bad…would it be interesting? Maybe for the short term. Maybe the Emperor would possess Rey for some kind of fun high jinks. But, I don’t think they’ll do that because the woman can’t be bad or weak, even if it furthers the story.

“We wasted billions to feel better about ourselves and we still feel hollow!”

The Force isn’t female. The Force doesn’t spend its spare time online finding new things to be offended about while dialing up hypocrisy to a level previously never met. The Force doesn’t feel a lifetime of insecurities that need to be righted by making men look stupid. Modern feminism isn’t about equality.

It’s about revenge.

And just like Ghostbusters 2016, and Star Wars The Last Jedi, and so many others, that shit might make your militantly misandrist audience happy. However. That tiny percentage of miserable women (and loser guys who suck up to them out of fear) aren’t enough to support a global brand.

But they are enough to kill it.

We need to be honest. Beverly Crusher was a terrible doctor

If I was facing a life-threatening condition, I would want Dr. McCoy, or the EMH, or even Bashir. Even Hugh Culber or Dr. Pollard from STD would be preferable.

But not Dr. Beverly Crusher.

She’s the most inept person in virtually every single setting. Her patients die all the time. More dead bodies come out of her office than a hospice house. Damn, that felt pretty cold. But not as cold as the bodies in Dr. Crusher’s care.

I’m going to discuss some of the examples.

In “Remember Me,” she went hysterical as members of the crew vanished. I can already here some stupid person saying “What would you have done if everyone disappeared?” I would have been happy. But I would have been calm because I don’t panic. I’m brilliant. After she went nuts, she finally calmed down and figured out how to survive but like barely.

In “Skin of Evil,” she didn’t even try to save Tasha Yar. Tasha just got flung across the set with a special effect zap and wasn’t even bleeding but Crusher just says “She’s dead.” Dude, really? Because in 2019 they yell “Code Blue” on the loudspeaker and at least TRY to save them with technology.

In “Sarek,” she slaps Wesley in the face. That’s…that’s a crime. All medical evidence is suggesting an end to spanking (think about it. Teaching kids to hit people doing things they don’t like. Duh). By 2300, that’s an assault. Worf should have arrested her.

In Star Trek First Contact, she uses the EMH to create a diversion and as Red Letter Media pointed out, took the exact time needed to escape to explain to it what she needed. Worthless.

In this video compilation, she’s shown to be totally incompetent with a basic medical device that appears to work on the same principals as a laser pointer.

She’s also irrationally argumentative. In “True Q,” she shouted in the face of God (Q is god in Star Trek, I’ll explain more another time). He turned her into a dog. He don’t give a shit.

In “Genesis,” her incompetence is once again on display. She detects that Worf has some type of ACIDIC COMPOUND in his throat and tells him to open his mouth while she puts her eyes right into it. She gets Reptiled.

In “Ethics,” she doesn’t have the ability to repair Worf’s paralysis. It’s 2300. She can’t grow him a new spinal cord through cloning and implant it? She’s lazy. She doesn’t even bother trying. She tells him he’s never going to walk again. Watch this unaltered scene.

In “All Good Things,” she’s somehow been given command of a ship. She blows it up within five minutes.

In “The Host,” she fell in love and wanted to get married after 8 days. She wanted to quit her lifelong career over it. Idiot.

In “Generations,” Data shoves her into the ocean because she sucks.

She’s known as the “Dancing Doctor” according to the episode where she taught Data how to dance.

She let a Romulan die in one episode and almost caused an interstellar incident with the Romulans.

She also had sex with a ghost.

She’s incompetent. I’ll be adding more to this as time goes on but the bottom line is, she’s deadly.