Did JFK secretly die of a drug overdose

For many years people have speculated about the death of John F Kennedy and if it was actually something shrouded in conspiracy due to hidden intentions. However I postulate the idea that John F Kennedy was not assassinated but rather died of a drug overdose while riding in the back of the Cadillac.

What if John F Kennedy took so much drugs his head just did that?

At the same time, Poor Lee Harvey Oswald was just trying to read a book. With his rifle. Next to an open window. That could happen to anyone.

John F Kennedy was well known as a drug addict. He once had sex with Marilyn Monroe and according to several sources her vagina was filled with drugs.

Some people say JFK, as some people called him, was shot up. But what if he shot up himself?

In early frames, is JFK shooting up in his left arm? So much, he OD’d and popped?

I just don’t know.

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