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Andre the Giant sucked


Andre the Giant was the worst wrestler ever. He was also gross and from what I heard, he wasn’t very nice either. McMahon may worship him but I think he was sick.

First off, you know he couldn’t reach his butt to properly wash it. I also heard Bret Hart say someone rammed Ric Flairs head into his ass in the shower and his head came out brown. Flairs was a human Q tip, on a person who never had cleaned their ears. Ohf I want to throw up now.

Andre was a dick to fans according to a drunken Iron Sheik. He said that when Andre was a baby face, fans would ask for his autograph and he would ignore them completely or say “Get the fuck out of here.” I’d say “Listen man you might win a teeth-having contest with a barracuda but you ain’t shit to me” before throwing my drink in his face and running away, because that’s his weakness. Moving.

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Lord Alfred Hayes had a big dick.

Proud of it.
Proud of it.

Lord Alfred Hayes had a huge cock. That’s what I heard anyway. He was also bad ass.

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….yes, his voice was magic for several generations. Judo Alfred Hayes was supposed to be a tough man but I only knew him as a WWF sidekick, either on commentary or during a TV show, like Tuesday Night Titans.

Evidently, though, the Titan was in his britches!

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Royal Rumble 1989 wasn’t good.


Royal Rumble 1989! Time to watch and enjoy, hopefully. Out of the gate, we get a Vincegasm with “HAAAALK HOOOOGAM.”

The Summit in Houston is our location, with Gorilla and Ventura on commentary.

The Fabulous Rougeaus and Dino Bravo will open the show against a popular Hart Foundation and Hacksaw Jim Duggan! Gorilla notes “that piece of garbage, Frenchie” is at ringside. Jimmy Hart is too. Now, the play by play isn’t much of my style but I’ll tell you that I think this is a great six-man tag match. The Rougeaus win the first fall over Bret Hart. Gorilla informs us that people are “literally hanging from the rafters.” Id like to edit a porno with him doing commentary sometime. Hacksaw and the Harts get the last two falls thanks to the 2X4. What if an amateur wrestler came to the ring with a wooden board?

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The Terminator (1st one) was good but overrated as fuck


Terminator was a James Cameron movie from the 80s with a budget that was nothing. One of the first large future robots has a police beacon on top of it! Pull over to the side of the road and prepare to be terminated!

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Review: Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan


Star Trek 2, the Wrath of Khan was fucking awesome. I love this movie. It isn’t perfect – but for Star Trek, this was it. The epitome. The apex. The climax. The cum shot. Let’s talk about why in the most foul fashion I can muster.

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Review: Star Trek V – The Final Frontier


I have the biggest craving for olives ever right now but I don’t have any. So I’ll review Star Trek V: The Final Frontier. This was the first Star Trek directed by William Shitner. See, Leonard Nimoy (Spock) actually had directed Star Trek 3 and Star Trek 4. 3 was OK but 4 was bad ass! So Shitner was like “Oh Pricelines I want to do one wah Rescue 911” and they let him.

Folks, this movie was shit.

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Review: Ghostbusters


Ghostbusters is simply a legendary movie. It is a 9.9/10 for me. Yeah, I don’t give it a perfect rating because I felt like they shit on Ernie Hudson in the movie and that always kind of bothered me. Still does. But the movie was magical.

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Mark David Chapman is a fucking fat idiot

fuck you dude

I was just watching a documentary on the murder of John Lennon. If they had done it like I would have, it would have been 3 minutes long. When they came to the part to talk about Chapman, I would have said “He’s a fucking idiot.” but they went into detail and it pissed me off.

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10 Favorite Arcade Games


I’m a kid that grew up in the age of arcades, for gaming. I’ve put many quarters or even tokens into machines to play them and I’m not talking about that Chuck-E-Cheese shit, I’m talking REAL arcades! So putting this list together will be a unique experience.

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