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Things no one wants to see you post on Facebook. (Idiots need to read)

I don’t know why, but some people are STILL too stupid to understand that somethings do NOT need to be on Facebook. They need to be on Ogrish or some nasty shit. Here is a list of things NO ONE WANTS TO SEE you post on Facefuck.

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Facebook is run by morons.


Although it has great potential as a device to connect peoples and places, Facebook has become nothing more than a corporate hack-employing politically correct mess. Now, you can’t even speak truths about Christianity or other shitty religions because they’ll ban you.

“The cross is also the pagan symbol for intercourse” was the only thing I wrote on a post that got me suspended for a day (and another admin suspended for THIRTY DAYS). That is IT.

By the way, it isn’t like I made that up. It has been well documented by others.

However, fuck facts. Christians and butthurt bitches reported me enough that I was punished. Irony? I drive past churches that say that preach the truth to you in LOVE. Well why can’t you fucking pieces of shit listen to my truth, THE truth? Oh that’s right, you’re the most hypocritical, one-way bunch that has ever lived.

Fuck Facebook and fuck butthurt Christians.