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Independence Day: Resurgence was miserable


Independence Day: Regurgitation is the latest flop from 20th Century Fox. The movie opens with an alien watching footage of the first movie when Bill Paxton, oddly being filmed by someone, gave the speech about how Randy Quaid was going to fly a jet into the spaceship and blow it up at the perfect time. Remember that shit?

However, it’s the old fucking Bill Pullman’s dream? Actually, it’s not. He’s having VISIONS OOOH.

We learn how the planet rules now, even though in 1996, every city on the earth was destroyed. I don’t think 20 years would be enough to pretend like nothing ever happened. Remember how 9/11 happened and it took like 10 years to build one building? I think it was fucking still on fire a year later, come on. But add ten more years to Freedom Tower, a crushed world economy, 3% of the population and yeah it probably was rebuilt in no time shut up stop asking questions. Continue reading Independence Day: Resurgence was miserable

Review: Independence Day


Independence Day was a 1996 blockbusters smash hit. The movie had lots of things that audiences love – explosions, nuclear blasts, aliens, dog fights, Jews, amazing physical sets and huge special effects. It had an all-star cast too, being one of the two big breakout feature-length movie roles for Will Smith (the other being Men in Black). It even won an Academy Award (which means nothing! It was for visual effects anyway). So why is this movie horrible? Because everything.

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