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Mass Effect Andromeda fucking sucks

This helmet looks stupid. Why would you need to look out of your crown?

Mass Effect Andromeda is the latest disappointment from Electronic Farts. Following the promised conclusion to the “Mass Effect Trilogy,” we of course get another title. Like all these fools who think Sony will suddenly stop making Uncharted games. Or Last of Us games. I knew they weren’t done with this and as expected, they shit out another title set “in another galaxy.” Good way around the excuse that you’re done, except that it’s not and you lied. Continue reading Mass Effect Andromeda fucking sucks


My 10 Favorite PS3 Games


My PS3 was played as much as any system, console-wise, I have ever had. Coming up with a list of my favorite games is actually tough, because I like so many. I think I have done it justice, though.

Continue reading My 10 Favorite PS3 Games