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I love Dungeon Boss

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Dungeon Boss is fucking badass. I love it. It’s for Apple and Android.

What’s the most fun part of an RPG? Boss battles, managing stats, upgrading your characters. Dungeon Boss takes the best parts of a dungeon RPG and presents them in a very beautiful package.

You control a team of heroes you must summon. You can have up to four at once and the combinations are endless. Strategies really do get developed by just testing and playing. How well will Nitpick work with Fuckface or whatever another one’s name is? Unlocking people and putting them to the test is half of the fun.

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Fallout Shelter is a lot of fun; needs work though.


Bethesda shocked everyone at E3 by doing something really bad ass this year – revealing a game we didn’t know about and releasing it RIGHT THEN on the App Store. Fucking sweet! It is called Fallout Shelter and the game is a blast.

Imagine what it would be like to be an overseer of your very own vault. Now you can. Fallout Shelter is a vault simulator that gives you the power to create and design your very own Vault from the Fallout universe. For those that are unaware, Fallout is a universe where Mike Huckabee was elected President and started nuclear war with Russia over a make-believe god from the Bible that never really existed. The entire world is destroyed and a few survivors must exist in what is left – practically described as hell on earth.

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Wrassling for mobile platforms is fun – for about ten minutes.


Wrassling is a game I found on the App Store that basically simulates a battle royale in wrestling. There are bosses and events and it all can be kind of fun. For about ten minutes.

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WWE Immortals – Not Good

Notice that videogames now depict Nikki's implant titties.
Notice that videogames now depict Nikki’s implant titties.

The people who created the shitty Injustice Mobile game, which isn’t very good, have found a way to take that lack of creativity and reduce it even more. They reskinned the game into WWE Immortals.

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