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Resident Evil 4 – Masterpiece in gaming.


The greatest Gamecube game released was Resident Evil 4. It was also one of the greatest games ever released and was the best Resident Evil game, by a fucking mile.

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10 Least Favorite NES Games


There were so many shitty NES games. The quality never was really checked on games and worst yet, often you would be advertised with some live action commercial featuring cool actors or scenes and would get home with a 2D turd that you couldn’t stomach. I’ll list some I feel like fall in that category.

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10 Favorite Gameboy Games (original!)


The Game Boy was a big deal, because it was the first time most late 80s/early 90s gamers got to play games on the go! Forget about the fact that the thing was bigger than a cinder block, this was an incredible achievement. Now, we can look back at the games you’ve probably never heard of but I played and loved.

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