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Surgeon Simulator – Horrible

Actual surgery is more fun.
Actual surgery is more fun.

Surgeon Simulator must have been free on PS4 or no one would ever have known it existed. The premise is that, without instruction, you will be simulating surgery on someone who might as well be in a semi-truck trailer down in the docks. It is motion controlled, although you can opt to use the joystick and buttons only, which I quickly did. But folks – the game is shit.

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Who the fuck would want to play Dead Nation?


This game is boring and sucks. You can’t even see the characters – and that’s when I’m sitting 3  feet from a 55 inch LED TV that is giving me a tan from being so bright. The default weapon, a “rifle” that is single fire and weaker than a nerf gun, is more like a shitty pistol. Oh don’t worry though – you can HOLD DOWN to charge up a shot. Yeah, I remember when I was hunting once and held down the trigger to charge up a shot before firing at the elk…wait, that’s right – GUNS DON’T DO THAT.

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