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Passengers was STUPID!


I just finished watching Passengers – the new Jennifer Lawrence (ugh) and Chris Pratt space movie by Sony. The movie began very promisingly but by the time it concluded, it may have been the stupidest fucking thing I’ve seen all year (I know, 2.5 months in…).

The movie begins with this monumental spaceship which is piloted by a supreme artificial intelligence. It is a colony ship and it is carrying 5,000 people through spaaaaace for 120 years so they can wake up on a barren planet with no Tropical Smoothies. Not for me, thanks. So, the superior artificial intelligence pilots the ship STRAIGHT INTO AN ASTEROID FIELD. Not only that, it doesn’t even try to dodge the biggest fucking one. All it does is reroute shields.  Continue reading Passengers was STUPID!


Sony is fucking dumb


The last several weeks have proven to me and anyone perceptive enough to notice that Sony is completely stupid. They let their Playstation Network go down three times as long as XBOX Live, they released the movie The Interview for every platform, including XBOX, EXCEPT Playstation…and now, they’ve just announced a Walkman that will cost more than my computer. Fools.

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