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Walgreens sucks

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Walgreens is such a fucking stupid company. Think about it – buy cigarettes and cancer medicine in the same store. Capitalism at its fucking finest.

First, their stores suck. They have the suckiest book collections I’ve ever witnessed. Talking about romance novels for old ladies to press a finger against their bean once and spray sand out. You also can’t walk around without seeing a floatation device in a random kiosk, like everywhere. Even in Winter.

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Great Value is usually a total rip-off

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Great Value is Walmart’s brand that they sell next to competitors products, at a few cents less but with 90% less quality. I hate it even though some – SOME of their stuff is ok. I am creating a list to keep up with the Great Value products you do NOT want.

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Know what is stupid? The Pledge of Allegiance.


I hate the Pledge of Allegiance. The entire idea of it sounds like some McCarthyism bullshit.

You know, I would say we get rid of the whole Pledge of Allegiance if it wasn’t for the fact that it has been around in America forever…oh wait. That’s right. No it fucking hasn’t! The Pledge of Allegiance began in 1892 and changed in the 1950s for one addition – Under God. Violating the separation clause, we fucking put that in there.

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