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I was right. Batman v. Superman SUCKED.

I told you Batman v. Superman would suck and it did. The movie not only sucked from a story perspective but was actually terrible from a cinematography perspective. It lacked cohesiveness in the story and had two of the worst villains in movie history.

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Man of Steel was awful!


Man of Steel wasn’t worth a shit and I love Superman movies. It made no sense throughout. No sense.

Zod is destroying the planet but wants to take it over with about 3 hours left for the planet to survive. No logic.

Zod kills Jorel, walks out and doesn’t even act like he cares about the ship that is blasting off with the entire codex of his species. He’s like “Oh yeah shoot it.” SHOOT IT? It has your fucking species in it, shouldn’t you capture it? Zod is arrested and put on trial while the planet dies. They basically save his life because he killed them.

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To anyone involved in Superman 64 – fuck you forever.


I wasn’t that old. I was a big Superman fan from an early age. Superman 64 comes out and I get it and what am I treated to? The most broken videogame I ever played up until that time, arguably since too. $60 – flushed.

At first, it almost seemed fun because you could fly around and that’s literally IT. That’s where the fun ended. You had to fly through stupid race-courses in the air. That’s what I want to do, play a time-trial/racing game. How did you guys guess? Psychic fucks.

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10 Least Favorite NES Games


There were so many shitty NES games. The quality never was really checked on games and worst yet, often you would be advertised with some live action commercial featuring cool actors or scenes and would get home with a 2D turd that you couldn’t stomach. I’ll list some I feel like fall in that category.

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