Analysis of Fatu’s WWF New Generation Theme Song – Clean It Up


The mid-90s of the WWF were filled with many things. Baaaaack body drops. Colorful characters. The former Headshrinker, Fatu, evolved from a jungle animal man into a man who was ready to clean it up. What is “it”? I have no idea. His entire gimmick was his shitty theme song and now we need to look at it, in depth.

First of all, if you have never heard the theme, here it is:

The song begins with a guy, ethnic, asking “Eh what we gonna do?” and some guys in the background saying “Clean it up.” He repeats the question, perhaps for motivation. “ITS TIME.” He informs us…to make a change. Then, he says “It’s time..what..what?” The background vocalists, having required two audible cues to speak from the lead singer, tell us “to rearrange.” “It’s time what? What?” he asks again. Why is he asking this “what?” dammit? Apparently, the lead singer has a hearing problem or just thinks his ass is cool.

We get a bassy instrumental section. It’s a little catchy but it is straight up 1994. It actually goes on for a bit. I like to imagine Fatu, in his crummy home, cleaning his house to his theme song. “It’s the only house I’ve ever been in where the cockroaches had names.” Once explained Jerry “The King” Lawler, during an In Your House match between Fatu and Hunter Hearst Helmsley.

The lead singer, ethnic guy, returns. “It’s time!” he yells! “It’s time what?” he starts saying. The other guys say “Now it’s time to clean it up!” Then, they all just get wild and start yelling and talking to each other. After some effort, we get back to the only words of this song, “It’s time to make a change, it’s time to rearrange, it’s time, we’ve had enough…now it’s time to clean it up.” I can imagine that the recording studio stinks with all of these morons in it. Fatu may have also smelled, as according to the “King” Jerry Lawler, he was a man “who uses a can of Raid as underarm deodorant.”


We get another bassy section of instrumental music. Then, suddenly, the opening of the song begins to play again. However, it is not exactly the same as the beginning. It is cleverly disguised with a single drum hit every beat. Original. Perhaps the recording team was on a budget, though. Fatu was also known to be cheap. “I’ve been to his house and he’s the only guy I know that has a dog who doubles as a dishwasher.” Jerry Lawler once revealed.

Fatu's Dishwasher
Fatu’s Dishwasher

We get a little more “now it’s time to clean it up.” before our alleged musicians get a little “wild” again in the studio and start being loud and perhaps communicating with each other. We’re told, one last time, It’s time to make a change, it’s time to rearrange, it’s time, we’ve had enough…now it’s time to clean it up.” and this amazing musical compilation ends.


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