Ghostbusters 2: Revisited



I am presently obsessed with Ghostbusters 2, for some strange reason. As a child, this was my favorite movie. I think that’s because it was a bit more kid-friendly than the original Ghostbusters, which is presently my all-time favorite movie. It probably always will be, too. It’s just so good.

Ghostbusters 2 isn’t as good as that but what is? Nothing. By itself, GB2 is actually not that bad. In fact, I will watch it almost anytime it is on. For one, it builds up the villain throughout the entire movie on-screen. The first didn’t do that.

Unfortunately, the writers seemed determine to replicate the first movie instead of being more unique and we end up with the implausible Statue of Liberty scene, which I just hate for a variety of reasons. I seriously believe someone said “We should have a big thing walking down the streets again but this time, it’s the Ghostbusters!”

“Well, we can’t have four guys as big as buildings or it’ll look stupid. What else could they use?”

“What about the Statue of Liberty?”

Image result for statue of liberty

My biggest issue with that is this damn thing could NOT step off of where it is and onto the ground without exploding into a million little rocks. That pedestal is almost as tall as the statue itself. I just have never been a fan of anything about the Statue of Liberty walking down the streets and smiling.


Gozer could choose the form of anything it wanted. It could even turn into Vigo. Vigo wouldn’t be able to possess Gozer though. I think Gozer wins easily. Unless Vigo possesses the bodies of all 4 Ghostbusters and crosses the streams, etc. But then I guess Gozer could just take the form of Paul Feig and kill the Ghostbusters. Gozer wins. – fixaleakyfaucet, Reddit

I’ve noticed several new things I want to mention. This isn’t a criticism or a praise necessarily. Just an observation.

  • When Egon tells Dana that Peter hasn’t mentioned her, he does it intentionally harshly and measures her for changes in the physical environment. It’s not just Egon being weird.
  • Louis telling them to don’t forget – certified check, cash or money order – that’s like saying “Don’t forget to catch ghosts.” They’re greedy con men who use laser light shows to fool fools. They know.
  • Egon still has a bit of a problem getting angry while using his proton pack, as demonstrated in the scene where they go to the museum to try to use their proton streams on the slime wall. Egon grits his teeth and Ray even shouts “Save ’em.” Venkman is clearly motivated by the desire to get in because of Dana being inside, which Louis told him as they were leaving the insane asylum. Egon also did this in the first movie when he shot the bar in the hotel and Venkman said “Nice shooting, Tex.” It always sounded like he said “ticks” though.
  • If you look at the crowd when they’re shooting the proton packs at the slime wall, they all react and say “Whoa!”
  • Why did I never realize Max Von Sydow voices Vigo?
  • When Ray and Winston are sliming the Statue of Liberty, you can see the big hoses leading to their slime guns from off camera which are actually pumping the slime out. It’s not a really a functional slime thrower.
  • I’m about certain those Düsseldorf babies were traumatized by this movie. When Vigo is thrashing, one of them is in pure horror.
Peter Venkman is Harvey Weinstein with the ability to write prescriptions (400 ccs of Thorazine on a date…)
We get another new Ghostbusters commercial, just like the first movie. Giving away a hot beverage thermal mug and free balloon for the kids (limit one) on a $5,000 service is pretty lame.
Venkman acts like the toaster is eating his hand as a trick but it all happens so fast, it’s taken me 30 years to realize what happened in her scene. Egon threats him with a lobotomy. I think that’s an X-men from the future or something.
Next, this little famous delight.
Notice the flicker around the edge of the tub? That’s where they composited in the rubber bathtub.
Question: The bathtub was so loud when filling with water that it scared the baby (for real). How did Dana not notice when it stopped filling up behind her with loud ass water?
When Dana runs out of the bathroom clutching the baby next to her head, she’s screaming as the bathtub tries to eat her. Oscar looks horrified throughout this. I really do hope those little baby actors grew up into not psychopaths. I smell baby shit anytime I think of babies.
Egon performs the world’s first Google search on the “Occult Reference Net.” He runs the name Vigo The Carpathian and a Wikipedia article comes up with his birth and death year, his political beliefs, and controversies.
Venkman tells Dana “This is your place now.” And the very next line in the movie is “Come on in, this is my place.” Those lines should have been in reverse order. Venkman sticks his finger in the baby’s face and says “Your short, your belly button sucks and your mom wishes you were dead.” The baby is just mortified and believes everything Bill Murray told him.
The score cuts off MID NOTE when Venkman is taking photos of Vigo. It’s noticeable and awkward if you have headphones on.
It’s pretty difficult to believe Peter could get Dana to go out with him the night after her bathtub tried to eat her baby.

Vigo destroys the photos the Ghostbusters took. He also, theoretically, could have murdered three of them. This contrasts Ray’s GB1 statement about “ghosts” not harming humans. I think they feed on terror. But Vigo isn’t an ordinary ghost. He commands and is powered by mood slime when it is negatively charged. The mood slime can summon ghosts, spirits, and lesser demons by itself. These entities are usually malicious but in Slimer’s case, is docile and even friendly.

There is a lot of discussion about who is more powerful - Gozer or Vigo.

I'll do a full study on that someday but I make the case that Vigo is as powerful as Gozer and maybe a tad more powerful. Vigo would have been unstoppable if not for one flaw in his plan: At the stroke of midnight in NYC, large crowds are singing Aude Lang Syne together and kissing each other. It might sound like I'm being sarcastic here but I'm not. Crowds will display positive emotions uniquely at that moment in NYC. If not for that, Vigo was going to win*. Gozer was defeated by the Ghostbusters, alone. Vigo fucked up one small element of his otherwise perfect plan. (Almost perfect. He could have picked any other baby and the busters wouldn't have known who caused all of this until it was too late). 

*(He was about to possess a baby. I'm not sure what would have happened if he became a baby, though. Would the Ghostbusters be frozen, still? If not, they could just punt the baby. Venkman already hates him as Oscar. Also, since Yanosh was already slimed by this point, could Vigo have mind-controlled him again? Would he have needed a bath first since he had positive slime all over him?)
In the scene with Winston, Ray and Egon in the subway, a cool little moment happens where Ray – then Egon – begins teasing Winston by scaring him about subway rats. Egon says some go four or five kilos. That’s 11 pounds. The New York Central to Albany is a fictional train (I researched it. I researched everything. I am a genius.)
At dinner, Peter and Dana talk about how they broke up (great subject to engage me in their romance). Peter, who was already reminded of calling her “the old ball and chain.” As if he was a prisoner. Is this guy really confused as to why it didn’t work?
The guy who asks the Ghostbusters for a proton pack is Bobby Brown – the singer of “On Our Own” (the only hit song from the soundtrack. I loved all of the songs but wouldn’t dare play them in front of a girl. That’s the test of if they’re good). The song is playing in the background when the guys walk into the mayor’s mansion. Donald Trump appears in the music video for the song.
Kurt Fuller has big ass earlobes. But, even those aren’t enough for his character to have had four celebrities committed. “The mayor wants them…” would have been the end of the sentence. “I’ll need a court order from a judge.” And Henry Wexler “The Hammer” won’t be signing off on that order, although another judge could possibly. But since an entire courtroom was blown up by the damn Scoleri Brothers, I’m pretty sure the Ghostbusters are pure heroes in the eyes of the local justice system.
Yanosh summons Vigo with candles and what appears to be hours of preparation. And gets impatient with Vigo’s 5 second introduction in the wideshot. Then, in the close up, Yanosh says “Command me Lord” like he never said any of the other stuff. Because he didn’t when they shot that but they went back and added the other one to try to be funny. It didn’t really work. Yanosh is so scared of this horrifying evil god and rightly so. He’s also possessed.
Yanosh, as a ghost somehow, kidnaps Oscar. Vigo manipulates Oscar, making him get up, walk on the window and stand at the edge without falling for 20 minutes while Yanosh flew there.
So Blanche from Golden Girls is walking with her fur coat on and steps in slime that came up from the sewer. It never gets on her coat. It was on her shoes. But her coat comes alive and screams at her. I never understood how she could have gotten the coat off without it biting her. I would have stomped those things. This scene was originally written and storyboarded for the first movie.
Kurt Fuller gets fired for having people committed illegally. The mayor assaults him and throws him out of his office. It looks like the same guy being beaten up by a smaller version of himself. In order to have someone committed, you would need a physician to agree ALL FOUR are insane. Then, they would be taken before a judge. The judge would rule if they should be remanded to the state for care or if they’re competent to refuse. The plausibility of an American mayor’s chief of staff being able to involuntarily commit four individuals, even in onesies, is pretty low. Tell me you don’t feel like that was shoved in there to replicate how they were incarcerated in the last movie?
So, the statue that gets shut down for a year from a 3/10 earthquake gets up and jumps down 100 feet from its pedestal. Now, here’s a question. I’m sure it wasn’t waterproofed, too – right? Did walking through the…the Boston Harbor(?)…didn’t that wash off all the slime? The slime wasn’t even sticking well on the walls. It was slopping up at the bottom of the statue. The chanting of the song and Venkman singing are all off sync.
The Statue of Liberty steps down in front of Trump Tower when the old lady is clapping.
What if they had been in a room in the middle? Or without a sky window?
The Ghostbusters show up at the perfect moment. Somehow, the Nintendo controller they used was also able to get the statue to swing at the window conveniently located the perfect length from the action-figure like swing. The statue bends over and in what looks like a scene they had a rough time filming, the four of them repel down at the same time. It’s only shown for 1/3 of a second at a time in quick cuts because those old guys couldn’t do that crazy shit.
Egon not only has the giga-meter, he has a little square remote device that sounds like it is groaning. I’m not so sure this is how it’s written, but I see that device as measuring changes in the physical environment. Unlike devices which detect ghosts, this measures physical changes which could be caused by anything.
Peter’s angry rant to Vigo, which was done to “do something” as Dana commanded, would seemingly give Vigo power. Unfortunately, Aude Lang Syne causes him to make lion noises.

Bill Murray can barely will himself to care. Fortunately, his character is written this way. But you’ll notice something in most movies he’s in: he really just plays himself – a dick. Lost in Translation, Groundhog Day, the movie with Melissa McCarthy where he feeds the kid anchovies, both Ghostbusters. You could really write a funny fan fiction where the character is just Venkman.So, they write the fight scene with Vigo so that Venkman can lay down while delivering is lines, lol. Vigo blasts everyone with something we believe is as painful as being tased. Winston sells it like he’s being electrocuted to death. The target, Venkman, says, “Darn it.”

When Vigo turns into the bumpy skin scary version, I was just thinking that’s how meeting girls is in 2018 who use filters in every photo on Facebook.

Interestingly, the actor who played Vigo was a really miserable guy, it would seem. Reports indicate he was also unaware of his voice being removed from the film and walked out of the theater when he realized it.
When Ray tells Yanosh he loves him, on my headphones, I can hear slight electrical cracklings. I think it’s an intentional, subtle effect on the mood slime being happy. Mood slime makes people gay.
The short little mayor is the one cheering behind the Ghostbusters when they walk down the museum steps. Can you imagine the Times investigation showing his chief of staff had the Ghostbusters committed for threatening to go to the press? This mayor’s future political chances are ruined. Even though he fired the staff member who did it, it literally happened following a meeting with the mayor and 3/4 of the Ghostbusters in onesies. (Bill Murray refused and just wore a suit.)
Peter MacNichol and Rick Moranis both are pure gold in every scene they’re in. I think I love Rick Moranis. Egon also is the best in this movie. He has almost all the good lines between the boys.
So the movie ends with the Ghostbusters, in a deleted scene, taking the Statue of Liberty back to the pedestal it was never shown getting off of.  There is a thank you ceremony for the Ghostbusters. Maybe this time, they won’t forget the end of the world event these people stopped from happening (like before, which completely makes you expect it again).
I have nothing clever to end with so I’ll just tell you that I had to give my cat a laxative earlier because he was constipated. That’s where I’m at in life.

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