We need to be honest. Beverly Crusher was a terrible doctor

If I was facing a life-threatening condition, I would want Dr. McCoy, or the EMH, or even Bashir. Even Hugh Culber or Dr. Pollard from STD would be preferable.

But not Dr. Beverly Crusher.

She’s the most inept person in virtually every single setting. Her patients die all the time. More dead bodies come out of her office than a hospice house. Damn, that felt pretty cold. But not as cold as the bodies in Dr. Crusher’s care.

I’m going to discuss some of the examples.

In “Remember Me,” she went hysterical as members of the crew vanished. I can already here some stupid person saying “What would you have done if everyone disappeared?” I would have been happy. But I would have been calm because I don’t panic. I’m brilliant. After she went nuts, she finally calmed down and figured out how to survive but like barely.

In “Skin of Evil,” she didn’t even try to save Tasha Yar. Tasha just got flung across the set with a special effect zap and wasn’t even bleeding but Crusher just says “She’s dead.” Dude, really? Because in 2019 they yell “Code Blue” on the loudspeaker and at least TRY to save them with technology.

In “Sarek,” she slaps Wesley in the face. That’s…that’s a crime. All medical evidence is suggesting an end to spanking (think about it. Teaching kids to hit people doing things they don’t like. Duh). By 2300, that’s an assault. Worf should have arrested her.

In Star Trek First Contact, she uses the EMH to create a diversion and as Red Letter Media pointed out, took the exact time needed to escape to explain to it what she needed. Worthless.

In this video compilation, she’s shown to be totally incompetent with a basic medical device that appears to work on the same principals as a laser pointer.

She’s also irrationally argumentative. In “True Q,” she shouted in the face of God (Q is god in Star Trek, I’ll explain more another time). He turned her into a dog. He don’t give a shit.

In “Genesis,” her incompetence is once again on display. She detects that Worf has some type of ACIDIC COMPOUND in his throat and tells him to open his mouth while she puts her eyes right into it. She gets Reptiled.

In “Ethics,” she doesn’t have the ability to repair Worf’s paralysis. It’s 2300. She can’t grow him a new spinal cord through cloning and implant it? She’s lazy. She doesn’t even bother trying. She tells him he’s never going to walk again. Watch this unaltered scene.

In “All Good Things,” she’s somehow been given command of a ship. She blows it up within five minutes.

In “The Host,” she fell in love and wanted to get married after 8 days. She wanted to quit her lifelong career over it. Idiot.

In “Generations,” Data shoves her into the ocean because she sucks.

She’s known as the “Dancing Doctor” according to the episode where she taught Data how to dance.

She let a Romulan die in one episode and almost caused an interstellar incident with the Romulans.

She also had sex with a ghost.

She’s incompetent. I’ll be adding more to this as time goes on but the bottom line is, she’s deadly.


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