Review: Star Trek: TNG – Samaratin Snare

Star Trek The Next Generation
Star Trek The Next Generation

Pulaski and Picard (or the actors playing them) can’t stand each other, out of the gate.  Riker doesn’t want Picard taking a piss without shaking it for him.  Ensign Hot Chocolate Spill is back.

The cardboard-box shuttle is cleared for take off/looks nothing like it did in the shuttle bay when it launched.

A fully mentally-retarded species, the Pakled, totally pulls one over on Riker.  Worf realizes its bull and speaks up, correctly, for once.  Troi, suddenly unable to explain things, warns Riker.

He still doesn’t beam Geordi back.

Wesley knows Picard is his dad.  Worf tells idiot that phasers are ready but he still lets the Pakleds get away with Geordi.  Janeway would have had their shields disabled in a second.  Picard tells Wesley he was at the top of his class (makes sense, since a few episodes ago, he had failed his entrance exam).

Troi says the Pakleds want instant knowledge, instant power and no wait, making them just like 2013 humans.  Picards doctor does a super-dramatic reach for some gibberish tool. Instead of disabling the kidnappers with dangerous foreign technology, Riker has a better idea: just leave.

Pulaski saves Picard, which pisses him off, and then everyone starts clapping for him when he walks back on the bridge, which pisses him off even worse.  As the Enterprise flies away, Picard writes up each bridge officer, killing any future chance for promotion.

Speaking of killing, the Pakleds probably murder millions, left unchecked but still with 40 handheld phasers Geordi made.

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