Review: The Andromeda Strain

The Andromeda Strain 2008 image DVD

The Andromeda Strain starts with a jet crash and a nuke and general chaos. You also get the idea that it’s going to be really low budget.

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Review: Robocop (2014)


This one surprised me. It’s super-big-budget and I didn’t hate it when it was over. But there was some ignorance to point out.

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Review: The Man from Earth


Let me save you some time with The Man from Earth. See, the premise is that John Oldguy….I mean, Oldman, is a caveman that never aged and lives in society. It’s quite possible he’s the father of a good portion of the populace if he were sexually active before contraception. However, the movie is building to one point:

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Review: In Time


In Time is one of those movies that happened because Justin Timberlake got a little too popular, again. The aging gene has been shut off so people age until 25, then die a year later. To make things even better, people have green clocks in their arm that are counting down!! LOL.

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Wrestlemania XXX and the things that went wrong


Wrestlemania XXX begins with a XXX home movie star, Hulk Hogan. The idiot comes down to the ring and says he’s proud to be in “the Silverdome.” The crowd of 75,000 people erupt in laughter. Hogan, an idiot to the core, says it again. Silverdome. The crowd loses it. Some start booing the old fool. Hogan goes “I…I’m sorry the Superdome.” And turns so red, Hulk Rules in yellow font looked to be painted on his body. Austin comes out, the crowd wants him to kill Hogan but he doesn’t. Then the Rock does. Classic moment (Hogan fucked it up tho).

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A few things you should know before coming to work at Apple


A few things you need to know before coming to work at Apple.

At Apple, we strive to deliver quality to our consumers. As anyone who isn’t a dweeb knows, that means an iPhone. Remember, get the product to them and fix it later! We just want them walking home with an absent grin on their face and, most importantly of all, telling all of their friends that they have a new phone!

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